Best Google Home Security Systems [2023 Updated!]

Simply uttering the phrase “Hey Google!” is enough to get the voice-activated Google Home assistant working for you. This multitalented helper provides a number of advantages, including improved safety and convenience as well as entertainment options.

Google Assistant is able to activate home security features, change lights, communicate jokes, and even operate items such as your TV or coffeemaker with the use of voice commands. Home automation is a feature that enables these capabilities. The breadth of these capabilities will be determined by the home security system that you decide to connect with Google Home.

This post will focus on the six best home security systems that are compatible with Google Home and will highlight their features.

Home Security Systems That Work with Google Home

Homeowners have the opportunity to monitor and safeguard their properties with the use of intelligent home security technologies such as video doorbells, home security cameras, smart locks, and smart assistants. Everyday errands become even more easy when connected with a voice-compatible home security system, and Google Home is one such device that allows seamless interaction with compatible security systems.

google home

The industry’s most reputable home security providers, including Vivint, ADT, and Brinks Home Security, are all compatible with Google Home. The combination of a home security system with a home automation system, such as Google Home, offers not only an increase in the level of safety in the house but also an increase in the level of convenience in the home. In 2023, Google Home stands out as one of the most popular home automation systems because it offers a broad variety of capabilities that are interoperable with one another.

Before going into particular products, it is important to take into consideration the following data about intelligent home security systems:


Scout is a relatively young company that is competing in the home security business. They provide reasonably priced solutions that use high-quality and thoughtfully built hardware. Although cameras and thermostats are not included with their systems, Scout is compatible with a wide variety of smart home devices such as Nest.

One of the benefits is that they do not need you to sign a contract and do not charge you any fees for the installation or activation of the service. In addition, if you want to pay for the monitoring service in advance for a whole year, they will give you a discount of 10%. You should be aware that there is an initial investment required for the equipment, but that you may do the installation on your own as a do-it-yourself job.


  • Low monthly rates
  • DIY installation
  • No long-term contracts
  • Wireless equipment
  • Wi-Fi communication with 4G cell backup
  • Mobile control
  • Compatible with smart home devices
  • Compatible with environmental sensors
  • 60-day return policy


  • No professional installation available
  • Upfront expense for equipment
  • Limited range of Scout products
  • Scout products may be on backorder
  • Backup power lasts only 12 hours


Pricing-wise, Scout provides four equipment bundles with prices ranging from $299 to $799 that can be obtained via their Affirm monthly payment plan (subject to credit clearance). Additionally, they provide two monitoring programmes for $9.99 to $19.99 each month, with a 10% discount if you decide to pay yearly.

In addition to being compatible with Google Home, Scout is regarded as one of the top IFTTT-compatible systems. Scout is regarded as one of the most economical security system solutions because to its continually low rates. It offers reliable voice control and home automation features. The Scout hub is also compatible with ZigBee and Z-Wave. Scout may be less user-friendly than some other systems, however, since you have to use their app to operate it.

There is no keypad or control panel included with the device. You may begin with their entry-level programmes and upgrade as necessary. It’s vital to remember that a monthly membership cost is required in order to use the app and access the automated capabilities. Without a subscription, your options will be the basic package and a potentially restricted web-based self-monitoring alternative. Scout is appropriate for both renters and homeowners because to its mobility.


ADT Control is a smart home-compatible home security system that gives customers access to a variety of smart home appliances, including locks, lights, and thermostats. You can easily operate your complete ADT Control security system with voice commands thanks to Google Assistant compatibility.


As one of the most seasoned security providers in the business, ADT has built a solid reputation for dependability and quick monitoring. Their monitoring services are renowned for their unparalleled dependability and rapid reaction times. We found the equipment quality, responsiveness, and overall system performance to be remarkable in our in-depth ADT evaluation. Along with alluring incentives, ADT also provides quick response times, appealing guarantees, and $500 in theft protection while your system is armed.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly app with continuous professional surveillance
  • Mobile backup for increased dependability
  • Experience in the security industry spanning more than 145 years
  • Google Home partnership for smooth integration


  • Needed a minimum one-year membership
  • No option for DIY installation
  • No options for self-monitoring are available
  • The highest resolution available is 1080p HD.


The biggest company offering home security in the US and Canada is ADT. With monitoring plans costing between $36 and $52 per month, their prices and packages vary from $37 to $53 per month. ADT may be more expensive than other options, but they provide exceptional value for the money. ADT offers pre-designed home security plans or customised alternatives, wired and wireless systems, free installation options, and both. Though you have the option to end the contract without incurring fees in the first six months, keep in mind that a three-year commitment is necessary.

ADT offers a variety of home automation capabilities, indoor/outdoor video cameras, environmental sensors, and several medical alert systems. It also provides 24/7 customer assistance and the option of landline or cellular access. ADT handles every step of the installation procedure on your behalf. However, it’s wise to investigate and evaluate your neighbourhood ADT branch since service calibre varies amongst dealers.

Feature Specification
Monitoring Options 24/7 professional monitoring only
Installation Professional
Smart Platform Integration Alexa and Google Home
Equipment Cost Starting at $109
Monthly Monitoring Cost Starting at $49
Contract Length 36 months


Because it is capable of home automation and integrates with a variety of third-party products, Vivint is recognised as being among the most cutting-edge security systems currently on the market. Vivint was put through a battery of rigorous testing and evaluations, and the results showed that it is a system that not only improves convenience but also gives homeowners the sense of security that they are looking for.

How do I Cancel my Vivint Contract within 3 Days?

Although the packages that Vivint provides may be on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, the money spent on them is more than justified. Additionally, the company provides exceptional customer service and ensures that support is easily accessible whenever it is required. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits and drawbacks of using Vivint.


  • Wireless Smart Security System
  • Smart Home Automation
  • 7″ Touchscreen Smart Hub
  • Award-Winning Mobile App
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Professional Installation
  • Customized to Your Home
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Pricey Equipment Packages
  • Contracts May be Required
  • Installation Fees May Apply
  • Short 3-Day Cancellation Window


Pricing for Vivint’s monitoring options begins at roughly $29.99 per month for the most basic service. If you decide to pay for the Vivint equipment over a period of five years via financing, the cost of the equipment will be rolled into the monthly monitoring charge that you pay. It is essential to keep in mind that the total monthly cost will be determined by the quantity of equipment bought as well as the features that are selected.

A credit score of at least 600 is necessary to be eligible for the installation of a Vivint system. On the other hand, if you don’t meet the requirements, you have the option of signing a contract for monitoring only. Additionally, there is a possibility that Vivint may provide better price and discounts in specific circumstances. Refer to our guide on Vivint’s plans and prices for further information on the company’s subscription options and pricing, and get in touch with their experienced sales representatives for a personalised estimate.

Vivint became one of the first companies to integrate Google Assistant when it formed a collaboration with Nest in 2018, which is Google’s subsidiary that focuses on smart homes. This connection enables smooth voice control via Nest Home devices, which further enhances the exceptional home automation capabilities offered by Vivint in their higher-tier package tiers. As your requirements change, you will simply be able to add any of the available optional features.

Even though the Vivint systems are wireless, they still need to be professionally installed in order to guarantee that they are properly set up and to remove any installation worries.

Feature Specification
Monitoring Options 24/7 professional monitoring only
Installation Professional
Smart Platform Integration Alexa and Google Home
Equipment Cost $600
Monthly Monitoring Cost $40-$70
Contract Length 42-60 months


Buyers who are concerned about their finances will find that the home security packages offered by Cove are ideal. Your house will be kept safe from intruders thanks to the 4G LTE cellular surveillance provided by these wireless devices. If you are already using Google Assistant, you will be able to use voice commands to operate your system after installing Cove since it interacts well with Google Assistant. This do-it-yourself home security system is not only cutting-edge but also quite simple to use, making it an excellent option.

cove security


  • Simple DIY Installation
  • No Contracts, Month-to-Month Service
  • Smartphone Controls
  • Touch-screen Control Panel
  • 1080p HD Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible
  • Low-Cost Monitoring
  • Lifetime Warranty Option


  • App Experience Could Be Improved
  • Limited Home Automation Features
  • No Self-Monitoring Option


Cove is a cutting-edge home security firm that provides reasonably priced equipment as well as inexpensive monthly monitoring services. In spite of its reasonable price, Cove does not skimp on any of its intelligent features. It has voice control features and is compatible with both the Google Assistant and Alexa in a seamless manner.

There is no need to drill holes or deal with cables during the installation procedure, which just takes a little under 15 minutes to complete and does not need any drilling. Your house will be kept secure by the excellent and expert monitoring that is provided by Cove throughout the clock, every single day. You may have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that trained experts are monitoring your house and are able to call the police if they feel it is necessary for pricing beginning at $14.99 or $24.99 per month.

One of the things that should be addressed about the Cove mobile app experience is the fact that it does not presently have too many functions. However, when taking into account how reasonably priced it is and how well it works with Google Home, Cove is an option that should not be overlooked. In addition, customers have the option to get a refund for any reason during the first sixty days of using the Cove service. You may get more information about Cove by going to our website that provides an in-depth study of the Cove home security system.

Feature Specification
Monitoring Options 24/7 professional and DIY
Installation DIY
Smart Platform Integration Alexa and Google Home
Equipment Cost $87
Monthly Monitoring Cost $50
Contract Length Month-to-month


Brinks has made a name for itself in the home security sector as a dependable service provider by providing dependable and high-quality systems along with monitoring services offered at reasonable prices. Brinks has achieved considerable breakthroughs in security and surveillance since its merger with Livewatch and Moni in 2018.

Best Google Home Security Systems


Despite these developments, the company has managed to reduce prices to a reasonable level. One of the most noticeable benefits of using Brinks is that the company does not need you to pay for the equipment up front; rather, you pay a single monthly price that includes both the cost of the equipment and the cost of the monitoring services.


  • Rate-lock guarantees
  • Affordable packages
  • Reliable 24/7 monitoring
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Smartphone controls
  • 30-day return policy
  • Home automation features
  • 2-year warranty


  • Most plans require a contract
  • Pricey monthly monitoring
  • Professional installation only included in top-tier plan


We discovered that the Brinks home security hub can accommodate up to 40 different devices, making it possible for you to customise the security system to meet your unique requirements. Brinks provides its customers with two primary plan options: the Brinks Home Complete plan, which has a monthly cost that begins at $29, and the Brinks Home Complete with Video plan, which has a monthly cost that begins at $39, respectively.

With the rate-lock agreements that come included with the 36-month monitoring plans, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to be concerned about price hikes for a lengthy period of time. In addition, Brinks has a return policy that is valid for a period of thirty days.

An IG Gen 2 Security Panel, three door/window sensors, and one motion detector are all included in the standard Brinks equipment package. The most expensive tier of the bundle furthermore comes with a doorbell camera and an inside camera that may record its live broadcast. In addition, Brinks provides a comprehensive selection of add-on equipment solutions that may strengthen your existing security system.

You may take advantage of features like as collision and smash protection, 24/7 monitoring, cloud video storage (with some plans), LiveVoice Assist, and smartphone controls when you have a Brinks system installed. Brinks is well-known for the user-friendliness of their systems, which can be customised and set up in advance to accommodate any requirements you may have.

Feature Specification
Monitoring Options 24/7 professional
Installation DIY
Smart Platform Integration Alexa and Google Home
Equipment Cost $199
Monthly Monitoring Cost $29
Contract Length 36 months

Features of Home Security System Compatible with Google Home

When you buy a home security system that is compatible with Google Home and its virtual assistant, you will have access to some very special capabilities, some of which are listed below:

Best Google Home Security Systems

  1. Voice Recognition: Certain security systems that are compatible with Google Home include biometric voice recognition. Lights, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, security systems, and other voice-enabled appliances and gadgets may all be managed with the use of this function. Its usefulness extends much beyond that of a merely defensive measure.
  2. Door Locks: Smart locks are compatible with many Google Home-compatible home security systems. With this set-up, you can secure and open your doors with the tap of a smartphone. Automatic door locks may even sense your approach and lock the door behind you, so you don’t have to do a thing when you leave or come back. Smart home aficionados are overwhelmingly fond of electronic door locks.
  3. Mobile Alerts: Receive timely updates straight to your phone. Every one of the systems we’ve included here that works with Google Home also provides mobile activity notifications. These notifications may be delivered through email, text message, or even a phone call. With mobile notifications, you can rest easy knowing that your house is protected at all times.
  4. Remote Access: You can easily manage your home’s security and automation features from the palm of your hand using your smartphone. To let in visitors or service personnel like babysitters, dog walkers, or repairmen, you may lock and unlock the front door. There are several situations when remote access would be tremendously helpful. Home security systems that are compatible with Google Home provide this feature.
  5. Entryway Sensors: Relax after arming the system, knowing that the door and window sensors are hard at work keeping your house safe. Most home security systems that are compatible with Google Home will have these magnetic sensors. They may be attached to the frames of doors and windows, as well as other entryways. The alarm goes off and notifications are sent the moment the magnets get separated. Every home security system must include entryway sensors as its base.
  6. Motion Detectors: Having a motion detector installed is a crucial step in keeping your house safe. They will monitor your house for any signs of activity while you’re gone and send you notifications. In order to avoid false alarms and provide accurate notifications, many motion detectors that are compatible with Google Home devices can tell the difference between dogs and humans.
  7. Heat/AC: Automate your HVAC system with Google Home and manage it from anywhere in the globe. You may set the temperature to your liking with the help of your smart device and the corresponding app. Save money on utility bills and prevent heat exhaustion this summer with the help of a programmable thermostat like Nest.
  8. Lights: You can switch your lights on and off from anywhere with a Google Home-compatible security system that includes remote control lighting. The lighting in your home may be programmed to turn on and off at certain times. In addition to improving home automation, this function also serves as an additional safeguard.
  9. Garage Door: When thinking about ways to improve the safety of your house, don’t forget the garage door. Thieves and robbers often enter homes via the front door, so protecting it is crucial. Intelligent garage door connections let you monitor and operate your door from afar. With convenient notifications and remote access, you’ll never forget to close the garage door again or miss any unusual behaviour.

Security systems that are compatible with Google Home are a wise investment due to the added convenience, safety, and power they give.

 Best Tips for Home security system with Google Home

Here are some top recommendations to make your Google Home home security system more secure:

Best Google Home Security Systems

Disable Voice Disarming: Make sure that voice instructions cannot be used to deactivate your security system. Create a secure voice passcode if voice disarming is an option to prevent unauthorised access. By doing this, you can keep control of the security system and lessen the chance that someone else will be able to disable it.

Stick to One or Few manufacturers: For simplicity of use and convenience, think about purchasing smart home gadgets from one brand or from as few manufacturers as you can. With this method, controlling various programmes is less necessary, and Google Home integration and device control are made simpler.

Make Use of Smart Displays: Since Google has released smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, adding security cameras that can live broadcast to these displays will greatly improve your home’s security. You can ask Google Assistant to play back live video from various parts of your home by using voice commands, adding an extra degree of convenience and security.

By putting these best practises into practise, you can make sure that your home security system is reliable and effective while making the most of Google Home’s smart features.

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