Best Home Security Systems that Work with Google Home

Amazon Alexa is one of the best devices for keeping your home secure. The only company which can give a tough fight against the Amazon Alexa is Google!

Google Home Security Systems are toe-to-toe with Amazon Alexa. But, the real question is whether the Google Home Security System can protect your home as Alexa does?

You can simply set up Google Home Security System by speaking ‘Okay, Google!’ Connecting Security devices to your smartphone has become so easy. Isn’t it?

This article is going to be very helpful for you if you have Google Home and thinking of getting a Security System. It will also assist you if you have a security system and you want to know if it is compatible with Google Home.

So, let’s see what security systems are compatible with Google Home?


What Security System works with Google Home?


The nest is one of the most useful and convenient security systems out there. Check out the price of this amazing Nest Security Camera on Amazon over here.

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What’s so Special about Nest?

Nest has several different useful devices with a lot of options and customizations. All the devices are smart with a variety of sensors programmed to perform tasks.

The Nest devices are one level above all the others and this sets them apart. The Nest smoke detector has a really amazing feature of testing itself once every 30 days to ensure it’s working fine.

Also, the Nest Thermostat is a very smart device and it adapts as well as learns your schedule. After using it for a couple of weeks, it knows when the owner is at home and when it is not.

It also keeps the track of the temperature of the whole week and knows what temperature to set after a period of time. You can also track the amount of energy consumed by the device in the past few days.

By monitoring and controlling the Nest devices you can also save energy and indeed a lot of money as well. My energy bills significantly reduced after using the Nest devices and they are absolutely worth the price!

All the Nest devices integrated with each other very smoothly and by sharing data they learn from each other. My old thermostat was very inefficient and by replacing it with the Nest Thermostat I saved a lot of energy bills. Check out the price of Nest Thermostat over here.

If you already own a lot of smart devices at your home then purchasing Nest would be a great choice. The Nest is compatible with a lot of other smart devices such as Google Home, Chromecast, Amazon Echo, and also Smart Lock Pro.

If you own any one of these above devices then I would recommend you buy the Nest. Unlike other devices out there you don’t have to sign a contract. Also, their payment plans are very reasonable which are mostly under $30.

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Downsides of using Nest

As you know no device can be perfect and this device too has some cons. One of the biggest downsides of it is that it contains a lot of subscription plans.

The standard monthly fee is pretty reasonable as said before the add-on subscriptions are the issue. For cloud video recording, mobile backup, and even for video surveillance, you will need to purchase the add-on subscription.

In the end, after purchasing all these add-ons the overall cost of the monthly fee increases significantly. Also, you cannot deny that the upfront cost of buying the device is itself high.

Even the standard starter kit is priced for around $400. But, it comes with a lot of amazing features that other starter kit usually skips.


Simplisafe is the best product in a low price range and it offers outstanding quality at reasonable rates. You can check the current price of the Simplisafe wireless home security system over here.

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What sets Simplisafe apart from all other products?

One of the best things about Simplisafe is that it’s relatively cheaper than its competition. Their monitoring choices also have good security at low rates. The standard plan is for $15 whereas the interactive plan is for $25.

Another impressive fact about SimpliSafe is that it doesn’t require you to sign for long term contracts. You can each month and also cancel anytime you want without paying extra charges as a penalty.

Not only this you also can solely buy the device and not opt for any plan. This means you completely rely on the system and hope that it keeps you secure. However, I don’t recommend doing this. At least buy the standard plan.

All the available plans are value for money and the most expensive plan is for roughly $500.

Why should you buy this if still, you haven’t?

Using Simplisafe has a lot of advantages and several benefits. An interesting, as well as very helpful perk I found, was when someone trips your alarm system a representative will give you a call to ensure everything is okay.

If you are not able to answer a call. Within minutes help will be sent. The help will be sent if the representative feels that you are in danger.

One more feature of Simplisafe is that you can send alerts by setting up the sensor. This means that you can set sensors to specific locations and monitor if something goes wrong which is a very handy feature. You will receive the SMS on your smartphone.

Whereas the Simplisafe has its emergency monitoring done by C.O.P.S. monitoring which is undoubtedly one of the best emergency monitoring companies. It provides help within minutes and it has very fast dispatches.

Downsides of using Simplisafe

The emergency system is available all the time for 24 hours a day but the customer service is available only available 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST.

Also, Simplisafe doesn’t support many smart devices and you are restricted to add any kind of smart lights and devices. You can add Google Home and Amazon Alexa but it doesn’t integrate with Zigbee.

Simplisafe says that to keep the devices easy to use and hasslefree they have intentionally done this. Some people make like this but face issues with its compatibility.

Also, you don’t get all the premium features which I listed above in standard plans. For that, you will need to buy a costlier package like Hearth which costs roughly $400.

The costliest package that Simplisafe provides is Haven Package in which you get super-premium features such as a glass-break sensor and a lot of sensors for smoke, water, freeze, motion as well as a panic button.


Earlier Vivint’s security system was not compatible with Google Home but a couple of years back they integrated it with Google Home. You can check out this Outdoor Vision Camera from Vivint which is waterproof as well as has Night Vision.

Why you should consider buying Vivint?

Vivint has an excellent name in the smart home industry and you can trust their requirements. Also, their devices are very efficient as well as easy to use which makes it one of the most favorable devices.

Vivint is the biggest smart home service provider in the United States. If you are from a military background then you may consider buying this as it offers free contracts for military families.

The company has a user base of over 1.5 million in the United States and Canada. You will get many reviews of their customers saying how their devices help them to save their life and property.

It has received Forbes America’s Best Employers reward in the year 2015 and it has also won several awards such as Product of the year award and best customer service award. 

It’s a huge user base and positive reviews make it one of the products to buy which you can trust blindly. When you want to install the Vivint system a professional will come to your home and install everything properly. 

Unlike other company Vivint sends a professional which ensures that everything is set properly which is a big advantage above others.

Downsides of using Vivint?

Almost every other company gives a trial period of a month but the Vivint gives a very short trial period of 3 days. I think 3 days is a very short trial period and you can’t judge any device within 3 days of usage.

As Vivint provides excellent features and is one of the most trusted brands its plans are comparatively higher than other security companies. Its monthly plan ranges somewhere between 30$ to 50$!

The thing which I don’t like about Vivint is its long-term contract. If you purchase Vivint you will need to sign a 5-year contract and if you don’t have to continue paying monthly for 5 years you would need to pay the full remaining balance.

You would need to pay the penalty if you want to end the contract early. However, there are some exceptions for deaths, military emergencies, and bankruptcy.


Scout is one of the cheapest and affordable companies out there. But, don’t get me wrong they are one of the most advanced as well as modern companies.

They provide their services at cheap rates as they are fairly new compared to their competition. They were established in the year 2013 and they use WiFi rather than landlines.

Also, notification alerts are sent to your phone through cellular networks. If you are the person who seeks value in their products then go for Scout. Check the current price of the Scout Alarm System over here!

google home security system

What differentiates Scout from its rivals?

As Scout is a newer company its features and system is going to be more advanced and modern compared to others. As said before they use WiFi instead of landlines which shows their mindset.

If you are very attracted by modern as well as advanced technologies prefer getting this as you will absolutely like it. All the devices of Scout are wireless so they are easy to set up and you can move them easily.

If you are a renter and want to get a security system then Scout would the best choice as you don’t need to worry about the wires while shifting and taking it to another house.

Pros of Using Scout

Scout has excellent compatibility and it can be integrated with Google Home, Nest, Amazon Alexa, and many other devices. You can simply control it by your voice and also through your smartphone.

Scout provides a warranty of 1 year for all its devices and it makes another reason to buy its amazing devices. Another advantage of Scout over other brands is that it has a low-cost monthly plan usually below $20. You can use their own App to control and manage its settings.

If you are impressed by Scout then I would suggest giving it a try. You can test their devices for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with its performance you can always return and get back your money. Here, is the Scout Alarm System on Amazon!

Cons of Using Scout

Their alarm is not pet friendly and easily any pet could trigger it. Another downside of Scout is that it has a warranty but only for 1 year. If something happens after that you would need to pay for that.

Scout is a new company that only has a limited amount of equipment so far. They don’t have a camera (they have an indoor camera) and even there is no thermostat from Scout. However, Scout is compatible with Nest and you can get one from Nest.


Unlike Scout, ADT is one of the oldest and it has a huge experience in the security industry. It is providing home security for the last 140 years. Check the current price of the Basic ADT system on Amazon now.

What sets ADT apart from others 

ADT has a huge user base of more than 8 million which is quite large. It is the oldest and most trusted brand for security not only in the United States but in the entire world.

For many people, ADT is the first choice when it comes to home security. It has received several awards over the past years such as Best Professional Installation and Best Known Brand.

It is NO.1 choice for home security but it is not restricted only to home security. It is also used in home automation, medical departments, and disaster security. This brand is also known for the money-back guarantee

Why should you consider buying ADT?

The most attractive feature of ADT is its money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it before 6 months and get all your money back.

Also, you get a free installation of the ADT unlike other (except Vivint) which have to be installed on your own. Also, the installation of your product will be done on the same day when you buy it.

It has a 24-hour customer care service and you can ring them whenever you are facing any kind of issue may it be at 3 am itself. You also get a refund of up to $500 in theft protection!

Cons of using ADT

You need to pay $25 as an activation fee for using ADT. But, a professional will come to your house and set up everything perfectly.

There is no trial period for this and you cannot test the system to see if it works well and suits you or not. Like the Vivint, ADT has a contract but it is 3 years a little bit less duration than Vivint.

But, you are not satisfied with the product you can cancel it within the first 6 months without any penalty.


The Better Business Bureau rates the FrontPoint security with an A-plus rating which is quite outstanding. FrontPoint is known for its service and they have won several awards for their excellent service.

Their systems are of top-notch quality and toe to toe with all the rivals in the security industry.

security camera

What differentiates FrontPoint from the competition?

The security packages from Frontpoint are cheap for roughly $200 and you can install it on your own to save some money. But, the Frontpoint is known for its excellent customer service and it is their unique selling proposition.

The customer care service is available for 24 hours that too in English as well as Spanish which are one of the most used languages in the world. Along with this their emergency services are also available for all 24 hours.

It has many useful features such as night vision surveillance camera, tamper proof panels, and remote control for lightning.


All the devices and equipment of Frontpoint are wireless and can be removed as well moved from one to place to another easily. If you are a renter and want to get a security system then Frontpoint can be a good choice.

Not much heavy alterations and remodeling needs to be done to install the FrontPoint systems and you can do it on your own. The system is wireless as said before and can be easily attached in your home using removable holdings.


It has a credit score system and to get their equipment in the lowest possible rates, you need to have your credit score of at least 600 something.

Three-year contract but if you want it at a lower price then you will need to sign the three-year contract however if you are not satisfied with the service you can back off but within the first 30 days only.

To opt for the 30-day trial you first need to pay the full price in advance for the gear as well as the service and if you don’t like it, within 30 days you can return the gear and get back your money.

You will have to buy out whatever is left of your contract at 80% contract value if you don’t return the gear within the first 30 days!

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Security devices that are compatible with Google Home

If you have a low budget and want to secure your home then single security devices may be a good option for you. All the above-listed security systems can be costly for some people and many don’t want to invest that much amount for their security.

Security devices do the job for you and some of these devices are pretty reliable as well as cheap. So, here are the security devices that are compatible with Google Home.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


Ring video doorbell pro is one of my favorite smart devices that I own and there are pretty strong reasons behind it. This smart doorbell secures your front door completely and it can show live preview as well as keep video recordings.

The ring doorbell is owned by Amazon and it integrates smoothly with Alexa as they are from the same parent company. I like the functionality of this smart doorbell and it protects my loved ones as well as the house.

Not only it has a camera but also a speaker and microphone so that you can talk with the one on the door from anywhere in the world. If something fishy around you will receive notifications and alerts on your smartphone itself.

You can manage your Ring doorbell from the Ring App which is available on android as well as iOS. You can see the live preview on the App and it has motion sensors that will notify you when someone is around your house.

You can also exclude some areas where you don’t want the motion sensor to get triggered. This is handy when someone passes on the road or else you will receive a notification alert for that also.

The camera on the ring doorbell is high quality and you can get a 160-degree view from it. Overall this camera protects your house and increases your front door security by a lot. 

However, there were speculations about this Ring doorbell that it can be hacked! Read this article to know more!

Improve your front door security in 10 easy steps!

August Smart Pro Lock

This lock by August is a smart lock that increases the security of your front door very significantly. As it is a smart lock with minimal efforts you can manage this lock hands freely. You can check the latest price of August Smart Pro lock here.

The most useful feature of this smart lock is the auto-lock feature. When you have connected your smartphone to this lock using Bluetooth this lock will know when you are going in and out of the door.


Without the keys, this lock will open the door for you when you want to enter the house and it will lock when you are leaving you home. It has a modern technology which they name as DoorSense using which they detect if the door is locked or unlocked.

Using your smartphone you can manage the Door, set timers, as well as check if it’s locked or not. You can make this procedure of checking the status of the door simpler by integrating the August lock to Google Home.

Now, with the help of speech hands freely you can do voice interaction to check the status of the door. An amazing feature of this August Smart Pro locks you can give them the passcode to unlock the door without giving the physical keys.

Google Home has an advance option of generating the passcode that can be used to open the door. So, you need not worry about intruders entering the passcode and entering the house.

Logitech Home Security Camera

Logitech Home Security Cam that allows you to see the live preview of what’s going around. You may think that it is the same as the Ring Doorbell Pro but this camera can be set anywhere inside your house and not only on the front door.

It can be integrated with Google Home and controlled simply with voice commands. You can also see the live footage on your Tv using Google Chromecast. It is waterproof and you don’t need to worry about harsh winds, snow, and rains.

You can place it anywhere in your house in the kid’s room, basement, or even in the garage. Not only you can use it in your home but also in your office. It is very efficient and can be used in many different situations. So, it’s worth its price!

Connecting your Security to Google Home

google home

Above we have discussed what all security system is compatible with Google Home. Now, when you have made your mind on which security system to get, the next question how to connect it to Google Home.

Connecting and integrating Google Home to your Security System is pretty simple. In a few easy steps, you can properly set up your security devices to work with Google Home.

Here are the quick steps to connect Google Home to your Security System:

  1. On your smartphone Install the Google Home App.
  2. Then, click the Add+ symbol and select Set up a Device under it.
  3. Select Have something already set up? 
  4. Type your Device in the Search option and select it.
  5. By entering your credentials sign in to your account.
  6. After that simply select the device which you want to connect!

That’s it. By just performing the above six simple steps you can connect your system to Google Home.

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Things  you can do using Google Home

Okay, now you have integrated your security system to Google Home and it is properly setup. The next question you might have is what all things can I do using this combination? You can do a lot of things easily only using your Voice.

You can control lights, lock doors, control appliances, manage thermostats, and see camera preview using Google Home. There are many different types of devices except security that work with Google Home as well.

voice control

Controlling Lights

Controlling lights has become very easy with the help of Google Home. You can turn on/off lights which everybody knows but you can also adjust the brightness and color of your lights!

Google Home can turn off all the lights for you simply by voice command and this feature comes handy when you want to sleep. Not only that you can set timers and schedule when the lights will turn on or off.

You can ask Google to lower the brightness of the lights and dim them when you want a romantic mood. Isn’t it Cool? Simply by voice commands by saying ‘Okay, Google! Dim the (light name)’ your brightness will be decreased.


You can control and manage the temperature of any room using Google Home. Not only this you can ask Google what’s the current temperature of room to set it accordingly.

Voice Commands you can use are ‘Okay, Google! Raise the temperature by 8 degrees‘. ‘Hey, Google! Set the temperature to 12 degrees’. 


If you have a smart TV connected to Google Home, you can use voice commands to change the volume, control the video (pause/play), change the channel and turn on/off TV or Cable Box. You can also watch the Youtube video of your favorite creator using voice command.

‘Hey, Google! Turn on XYZ show on Netflix’ Okay, Google! Increase the Volume by 20%.


You can see the live preview of the camera and you can also see it on the smart Tv. ‘Okay, Google! Show Camera X on Chromecast (device name)’.


You can lock/unlock your doors may it be a front door or back door using voice commands. You can check whether the door is closed or not simply by sitting on crouch without physically check it.

Simply by asking ‘Hey, Google! Is my front door locked?‘ you will know if the door is properly locked or not. If not you can also lock the door by saying Lock my front door!

There are many different types of devices except security that work with Google Home as well. You can connect smart lights like Philips Hue and Hive Active Smart Lights.

More devices that you can connect to make your work easy are Thermostats, Smart hubs like Logitech Harmony and Samsung SmartThings, Streaming Devices, even Smart Plugs like Insignia Wifi Smart Plug and Tp-Link HS110!

Wrapping it up

Home automation by Google Home makes your task simple and easy to perform. Your security increases by a lot with minimal efforts by using Google home and home security.


home automation

By using Google Home you can perform tasks just with speech and it gives a hands-free experience. Google will show required data without the use of hands and you can control as well as manage the system without clicking buttons.

Simply by sitting on the crouch, you can check if you mistakenly left any light on and also check if your door is locked or not. It makes your work easy by saving a lot of time as well as efforts.

We all know we can make calls, search things on the web, set alarms, and create reminders using Google home but with the integration of security system, you can do a lot more things to keep your house secure.

Adding another layer of security is always helpful for your family as well as property. Google Home allows you to add extra security with modern technology to save time.

You now need not worry if you mistakenly left the door open or thermostat on. Your home is completely saved and you can manage as well control things hassle freely using Google Home!


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