Haiku Fan Review: Are Haiku Outdoor Fans Worth It?

You can’t deny the fact that having a huge smart fan is something to be proud of. People perceive it as a piece of artwork and simply soak in it.

Whether it’s efficiency, style, and noise level, the Haiku smart ceiling fans are a manufacturing leader. On top of that, it is the first smart ceiling fan with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity.

After which, many other smart fans have been made. Even after many tries of other competitors to pick up with Haiku’s smart integration, Haiku’s style and quality remain unique.

In this article, I will share everything you need to know about Haiku fans. Thus, if you’re looking for a lavish smart ceiling fan that can easily integrate with your smart place, then this read is for you!

Key Takeaway

  • You can manage your fan just with a voice command using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • For enhanced control and energy savings, connect your ecobee thermostat with your Haiku fan.
  • To spur a soft breeze in your common room, use the woosh mode.
  • A luxury product with premium value and top-notch quality components.

Kills The Pathogens In The Air

Yes, you read it right, just in the time of Covid-19, Haiku fans included an additional option. It was discovered that the position of ceiling fans is great concerning UV lighting. This way they can be used as a defense against the pathogens in the air.

The Haiku fans come with UV-C designs, which project a hoop of UV light outside at the ceiling. Once the air is gradually absorbed via the fan blades, it is barraged with the pathogen destroying UV-C light.

They Are Luxury And Look Like One

You shouldn’t look for Haiku Fans’ cost to realize that they’re simply a bed of roses. Their looks really scream class. The blades of Haiku fans are made delicately and they’ve smooth curves which cut the air silently and swiftly.

So, say goodbye to those nights where you would stay awake because of the shaking and whining of your fan above you. The aerodynamics of Haiku fans turns the airflow more efficiently. Lightweight components and effective airflow blend to generate use less power and function quietly.

What Makes Haiku Fans A Smart Fan?

When you’re switching your place into a smart one, you do everything you can. But, likely, you might not have heard about a smart ceiling fan. And now, you might be wondering, “What is a smart fan? What it could do?”

So, here I’ll answer this question. There are two smart things that these fans could do. One of them is that they have a Wi-Fi adapter that allows them to work with voice commands and app control. This feature is included in every Haiku model.

The other one is the SenseMe technology. This technology includes a motion, humidity, and temperature sensor within the smart fan. Later on, it uses this information to conclude whether or not a room is filled. Along with it also manages the on-time temperature of the room.

However, you can only find the SenseMe technology in every Haiku model except the Haiku L series. This means that the smart heating/cooling, smart thermostat combinations, and occupancy detections are not present in the L series of Haiku fans.

Detects When Your Room Is Filled

You can set up your light and fans in a way, which automatically turns them on when you enter your room. Once, it detects that there is zero activity, the fan and lights will turn off. You can also adjust when you want them to be turned off through the app on your phone.

Smarter Cooling

The smart cooling feature can help you a lot on summer days. And along with that, it’ll also reduce the air conditioning cost. The wall control detects the humidity and temperature. Later on, the SenseMe technology uses this information to determine the ideal fan speed which will cool your place. This way, you can even raise a slight temperature in your thermostat and you would still feel relaxed.

The Haiku fan is very effective. It’s always more economical to raise some degree in your thermostat. Later on, you can catch up with the variation through the cooling check from your smart ceiling fan.

More Effective Heating

The smarter heating feature keeps your fan at a slow i.e., “no-draft” speed. It does this to give you a dainty mixing experience. Then it increases the speed when you leave your room. This also blends the air which benefits you by reducing heating costs.

During summertime, the natural convections make the warm air rise, which makes the lower portions of your room seem much cooler in comparison to the air near the ceiling. The primary functions of any ceiling fan are to push back the warm air downwards. But you wouldn’t want it to push the air so strongly, that you end up getting chills because of the draft.

If you’ve any other fan, the regular solution for that is to invert the fan blades which results in it absorbing the air to the ceiling throughout the heating time. Once you do this, it reduces the possibility of you feeling any draft.

However, Haiku fans work differently, unlike the other fans. The airfoil pattern of the fan’s blade is intended to run in a single direction only. These fans can also perform the same air blending effect by working in the front direction without generating any draft. To support their claims, they also have a Harvard study.

Integration With Smart Thermostat

The SenseMe technology lets you connect your ecobee smart thermostat to your Haiku smart fan. This integration lets you control smarter cooling and smarter heating features, which are mentioned above.

For example, in the summertime, your desired temperature is around 75F. If you don’t have a smart thermostat, you’ll have to set the temperature using your Haiku app. After this, you’ll have to go over to the thermostat and set the temperature to 75 F or 76F. Once you’re done with all this, your fan will produce the additional cooling required to make your 77F room, seem like it’s 75.

However, if you have a smart thermostat, then you can skip the step of walking over to your thermostat. Rather, your smart fan will directly command the thermostat to increase the setpoint slightly. You can also set the minimum and maximum fan speed as per your preference in your app.

So, the only thing you’ve to do is, fix your fancied temperature and then set the minimum and maximum fan speed. Leave the rest of the work on your smart fan.

You Get A Natural Blow

The Woosh feature within the Haiku fans is created to produce a soft light air that constantly flows throughout your family room. Also with the Haiku app on your phone, you can set the maximum speed, and then Haiku will produce a periodic breeze, which will keep you comfy.

With other fans, you might sometimes notice this irritating noise that increases as you increase the speed. But for Haiku fans, quiet performance is possible and it’s really pleasant.

You’ll Be Comfortable At Night

So, the sleep mode of Haiku fans helps you stay comfortable while you’re sleeping. As it regulates the fan speed at that time. All you’ve to do is select the temperature that you want and then your fan will regulate the speed as per your comfort.

Haiku Fan Review

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How To Instal Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan?

If you’ve ever installed any ceiling fan, then let me tell you, these are no different. It requires extreme efforts and strength for sure. If you’re a homeowner with a DIY character, then you’ll easily do this. It needs basic electricians skills such as working with a screwdriver as you stand on a ladder.

You can order fans for either outdoor or indoor use. You can install the outdoor version in a sheltered area where the temperature varies from -4 F to 122 F. However, if you want efficient air circulation inside, then you can install the indoor version. The ideal max size for a room is 15′ x 15′ for a 52″ fan. You can also install it on a slanted ceiling up to 33° pitch.

The basic package covers down rods for 16.4 in or 11.4 in. These are estimated from the roof to the lowest spot of the fan. But if you’re a taller ceiling, then you’ll probably need some longer rods. You can simply order them, as they are ready to order.

However, don’t worry about the particulars now. You will get all the essential tools you need for your installation through online shops.

How To Use Haiku Fans?

This fan comes with 8 distinct speeds and a light that has 16 diverse brightness settings. As it comes without a pull chain, you might wonder how you’ll operate it, right?

Don’t worry, these fans come with various ways to manage them, so you can simply pick the one which is most comfortable for you.

How To Control Haiku Using BAF App?

You can control the light and fan using the app on your phone if you get the package that covers the Wi-Fi unit. This unit connects your home’s Wi-Fi network with your smart fan. One more thing, you can download the Haiku app from Apple Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android). You can use this app to:

  • Switch on/off your fan and regulate the speed.
  • Switch on/off the light and regulate the brightness
  • Try out the Woosh specialty.
  • Put up plans to manage these functions.

You can use this app to control your fan, but it is recommended to not use it as a primary controller. The app’s goal is to plan the essential settings and schedules and not to use them for everyday control.

Voice Command Using Amazon Echo

The Haiku model with a Wi-Fi unit can be easily connected with your Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice command. Just by using some easy voice commands, you can manage both the light brightness and fan speed. I’ve mentioned some of the voice commands that you can try out:

  • “Alexa, turn the bedroom lights off.”
  • “Alexa set the living room fan to 60%.”
  • “Alexa, turn Garage fan off.”

Haiku SenseMe Technology

The best way to control your fan is to do nothing. The inbuilt motion sensor in Haiku turns the light and fan on/off automatically. The SenseMe technology detects when you leave or enter your room. As it has an inbuilt temperature and humidity sensor, it is also capable of associating with the ecobee thermostat

The only drawback is that this technology is included in all Haiku fans except the Haiku L series.

Standard Control

If you’re a fan of standard control, then don’t worry Haiku luxury fans also come with remote control. The specific remote has keys to managing lighting intensity, sleep mode, fan speed, timer, and even the Woosh mode. It also has mounting support, which lets you fix the remote on your wall.

If you’re not happy with the remote, then you can also use the basic good old wall switch to switch on/off your fan.

Now here are some shortcomings.


haiku fan review
haiku fan review

It’s High-priced

As Haiku fans are luxury products, they price them accordingly. If price is not a factor for you, then you can go for Haiku fans. However, you can get a modest and nice ceiling fan for 1/4th the cost of a single Haiku fan. Considering, some people have to get multiple ceiling fans for their place, getting a Haiku fan will add an extra value in a bit.

So, if you’re searching for something more budget-friendly, then you can go for the Modern Forms range of smart ceiling fans. They have a variety of designs to pick from, that too at half the price of the Haiku fans.

Restricted Design Options

The Haiku fans and the L series look pretty similar. If you want you can pick different materials and colors, but the pattern remains the same.

I’m not criticizing them, they have a minimalist, smooth and modern look, and they are really great. However, they’re not suitable for every situation and everybody.

So, if you’re in search of something quirky, then you can look for the industrial-looking i6. If none of their design suits you, then you’ll have to look somewhere else. But, I would still recommend trying out the fan range of Modern Forms. They provide over 20 various styles, and each of them is available in versatile colors.

The Light bulb Is Unchangeable

If you’re getting a Haiku smart fan with the light, then let me tell you that light is merely an accessory material. So, if you ever wanted to renew the light in there, you would have to change the complete light kit. This kit is a secure LED unit. 

It is built in a way to endure as long as lasts. So, the main idea behind this is that you don’t have to replace the light because of its failure.

You can dim the lights within the fan, but they don’t change temperature or color. So, in simple words, you’re sort of confined to the regular light color. However, the i6 Fans model offers you a flexible color temperature light kit. Hopefully, the Haiku fans also include the same options in near future. But presently, they don’t. 

Where You Can Get Haiku Fans?

You can get them from bigassfans.com.They allow you to customize your fan so that you can describe the specific feature you want in your fan. You can also clear your queries with a sales representative using the live chat feature. They answer your questions right away without wasting any time.

But if you’re still looking around, then you can also look for lumens.com. They have a wide range of ceiling fans. Along with that, they also provide a variety of home decor and modern lightings. This way, you can get ideal items to suit your fan. They also provide you with a cost match guarantee, this way you would never spend too much.

And lastly, if you want it quickly, then Amazon also sells some Haiku fans, which are possible with Prime shipping.

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Wrapping it up

The Big Ass Fans offer you excellent hardware. The sound, the blades, the look, and the motor are all of the top-notch quality and are of fit for a luxury fan. Additionally, they are manufactured in the USA.

Ideally, for now, you shouldn’t look for anything else in the market. So, if you want what you see and toss up the cash for that, you can get a marvelous ceiling fan.


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