How far can a Ring Doorbell Hear, See, or Detect Motion?

Ring doorbell is a very trending device in the smart home automation and home security industry. Ring doorbell is an excellent device to keep your home secured and surveilled. Many people have a doubt that how far can their doorbell really hear and see things.

How far can a Ring doorbell hear, see or detect motion? A Ring doorbell can hear and see motion as far as 200 feet at most if there are ideal conditions. However, from the Ring application, you can customize the area and distance that your doorbell detects and send alerts. 

The Ring doorbell has a 180-degree field of view so you don’t need to worry about missing out on something. Most people live close to streets and setting up the range to 200 feet is useless. From the Ring app, you can customize the sensitivity of detecting motion according to your need. Stay tuned to know how to find the perfect settings and avoid false alerts as well as notifications.

How to find the Perfect Range

After installing the Ring doorbell for the very first time may it any model the default settings will be set such that the doorbell will detect motion from all possible zones. It will see as well as hear anything that comes in its 180-degree field of view. This is excellent if you don’t have a busy street or anything continuously moving around in front of the doorbell.

It is very frustrating to get notifications and alerts whenever some vehicle passes by the street in front of the doorbell. In such cases adjusting the doorbell to close range is mandatory so that it doesn’t give unnecessary notifications.

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Ring doorbell 1 and Ring doorbell 2 allows you to select five different zones and customize their setting according to your need. This feature comes in handy when you have an object such as a flag continuously moving due to wind. However, in all the latest models of Ring doorbell (Ring Doorbell 3Ring Doorbell 3 PlusRing Doorbell Pro 2), you have advanced customizable detection zones and you can customize as many areas as you like.

Different models of Ring doorbell have a different field of view. However, the field of view differs slightly only and it changes available motion detection. The field of view of the latest models is fixed to 160 degrees whereas for the original Ring doorbell 1 it was 180 degree. The video resolution of all the Ring doorbells is 1080p HD except for Ring doorbell 1 which has 720p HD video resolution.

Below is the comparison chart of the latest Ring doorbells along with their prices. Check out the price of the latest Ring Doorbells from Amazon.

As you can see most of the features of the Ring doorbells are almost the same but they have some slight feature changes. You can get any of the above doorbells as per your needs.

Audio Settings

Sometimes you will be disappointed by the audio quality that Ring doorbells capture from a long-range. In terms of audio, you will find Ring doorbells limiting and you will feel restrained. The ring company hasn’t stated any specific range for audio coverage for any of their doorbells. However, in ideal conditions users reported that they hear from as far as 30 feet.

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The Ring doorbell 1 has low audio sensitivity compared to its successor models and you will hear a lower audio quality if the person is standing far away. Apart from better video resolution here is one more reason why you should prefer the latest Ring doorbells like Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus. Your two-way audio range and audio quality will increase if you purchase the latest models.

Except for the original Ring doorbell 1, all other devices have decent audio coverage. However, two-way audio communication is not very reliable. Some users find their low two-way audio volume and have a lot of issues regarding audio quality. Most of the customer review states that they have no issues with audio and they can heat audio from as far as 30 feet.

Testing your Ring Doorbell

As soon as you receive your latest Ring doorbell make sure to check and test the doorbell properly. Checking the audio as well as video quality is a must. The chances of facing any issues are minute but if you face any technical issue it can be easily solved.

Yes, I know Ring is a very reputed company but even the best technology can fail and have issues sometimes. If you find issues and problems with your Ring doorbell you can request a replacement. If your device is faulty and has technical issues you will get a free replacement of your device within days.

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After installing your Ring doorbell you must be able to hear two-way audio crisp clear from at least 10 feet. If you can’t hear within 10 feet then there might be some installation problem. Check your wiring and installation again. If everything seems fine and still you face the same issue, opt for a replacement.

Wrapping it up

I think now you are aware of roughly how far can a Ring doorbell hear, see, or detect motion. Also, you must be educated with the video and audio abilities of Ring devices and also differences between several Ring doorbells.

The latest Ring doorbells combined with the excellent Ring application and the newly launched Ring Neighbour application are improving the security of the Ring users day-by-day. The best thing about Ring devices is that there are tons of customizations and settings available. No matter which Ring doorbell you opt for you are sure to benefit from its outstanding features.



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