How to Remove Ecobee from the Wall? (Solved)

Ecobee smart thermostat is one of the best and most purchased smart thermostats available online. The smart thermostats by Ecobee are specially designed for smarter savings and control.

Ecobee smart thermostat is also available with enabled voice control. Integration with systems like Amazon Alexa makes your life easy.

The smart thermostats by Ecobee have numerous advanced features making them one of the most selling smart thermostats.

You can easily replace your Ecobee from the wall if you are looking to shift (move) your house.

Some people want to redecorate their house for which they require to uninstall the device and reinstall it in a different place.

In this article, I will guide you on how to remove Ecobee from the wall and reinstall it. I won’t complicate things and explain the steps straightforwardly.

How to Remove Ecobee from the Wall? At first, you need to pop off the thermostat from the wall then detach the base plate, and at last, remove the wires. It only 10 minutes to remove the Ecobee thermostat from the wall. 

Before actually beginning the procedure don’t forget to use proper safety gear and precautions.

Remove Ecobee from the Wall

You will be able to remove the Ecobee thermostat from the wall using the below following steps.

StepWise: Remove Ecobee Thermostat from the Wall

If you have installed an Ecobee thermostat before then it would be pretty easy for you to remove it as well. It is doing the whole procedure again but in reverse order.

Don’t worry if you have never installed or uninstalled an Ecobee thermostat as I have mentioned the proper steps to do so.

The tools required to perform the task are just a screwdriver and labels are the only material you require. You will approximately require 10 to 15 minutes to perform this task. It is very simple to do and the following steps are mentioned below:

  1. Turning off furnace– The first step to do is to turn off the power supply to the Ecobee-connected furnace. You can check if the Ecobee is off by changing the temperature of the Ecobee. The temperature will not change in the house if the furnace is successfully turned off.
  2. Remove Ecobee– Remove the Ecobee from the base plate by popping it off from the wall. Make sure to remove a photo of the wiring of Ecobee in your smartphone. It will help to reinstall it in another position.
  3. Remove Nuts– Remove the nuts from the walls to remove the base plate using a screwdriver. Remove the wiring carefully. To avoid confusion make sure to label the wires before removing them.
  4. Remove PEK– If you installed Power Extender Kit (PEK) in your system then make sure to remove it too. By following these steps your Ecobee is successfully removed.

You can replace the thermostat with a cheap used thermostat for the empty wall base. Due to extremely cold temperatures, a house can get damaged due to no heat.

Do your previous settings get vanished?

Yes, I know that the Ecobee devices don’t have any sort of battery backup. So, does this mean that all the previous settings and schedules get deleted?

NOT. Even though the Ecobee doesn’t have any battery back it does have flash memory.

All your settings, as well as schedules, are successfully saved and they will get reactivated once the Ecobee receives power.

The Ecobee sensors do have coin batteries and you may need to change them. Don’t worry about those coin batteries as they work for several years.

If in case the sensor battery becomes low you will receive a notification on the device. Changing the battery of the Ecobee sensors is very simple.

Remove Ecobee from the Wall

Steps to change the battery of Ecobee Sensors are as follows:

  • Put your thumb as well as your index finger on the small portion of the sensor stand.
  • Then, place your other hand in front of the senors.
  • Carefully with soft hands pull slightly upwards to remove the sensor.
  • Using thin equipment like a screwdriver or pen remove the battery from the battery slot.
  • Insert the new battery in the same slot.

Battery life of Ecobee Sensors?

The old models of Ecobee sensors use CR2032 type coin cells that last somewhere between 1.5 to 2 years depending on the usage.

However, the battery life of newer Ecobee sensors is increased significantly.

The newer models of Ecobee sensors use CR2477 coin cells that last for almost 5 years. This is one of the main reasons to upgrade to the latest Ecobee sensors. Check the current price of Ecobee Sensors from Amazon right now!



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