Top 5 Line Voltage Smart WiFi Thermostat

Do you have an electric heater at your home? Then you would probably require multiple connections of thermostats to control the overall heat. But have you decided to get a smart control for your heaters? Well, we wonder if it is possible without spending hours together trying out DIY solutions.

To be precise, yes, it is! Just read the entire article, and you will be listed with the latest products that make a perfect match for your smart heating solutions for your home.

Some of the ideal line voltage smart Thermostats

While it was quite a dream a few years before to place an ideal single line voltage thermostat, today, you are thronged with many options to pick from. One such is Mysa.

Mysa Smart Thermostat

While most companies try to gauge their hands into introducing tricky features, Mysa keeps it safe and simple with its basic features. Besides, the company succeeds too. Hereon, they have headed to add many additional features such as the Mysa WiFi, our current favorite in the line of voltage applications.

What makes it the best?

Its easy setup and connection give it one brownie point. You can connect it directly to your WiFi router without the need for any bridge or hub. After connecting, it will stay connected for a longer time. Herein, if you face any issues with the connection, you can go ahead to browse the Mysa website, which provides extensive support with well-placed FAQs on instructions and troubleshooting.

Another USP of Mysa is its app that allows you to group all the thermostats located in the zone. Well, it is one of the important criteria for line voltage thermostats. These thermostats can be controlled in one place when they are connected to one single Thermostat.

The integrated voice control system is compatible with all three voice assistants like Google, Alexa, and HomeKit. It allows integration of SmartThings to be set up with an advanced automation system easily.

You consist of a multi-user geofencing feature that allows you to locate your family’s and your phone to determine if it is near your home or far away.

We conducted in-depth research for smart thermostats suitable for line voltage and zeroed in on Mysa. It is a product we completely trust and also the company.

Mysa Smart Thermostat

Check Price– Mysa Smart Thermostat

Stelpro Maestro ASMT402

It is the latest of the product lineage from Stelpro. The Stelpro Maestro ASMT402 is the result of collaboration between Stelpro and other leading IoT companies. It ideally comprises two thermostats: a white variant plain Maestro thermostat and a black one, which is a Maestro controller thermostat.

Now, coming to the plain one, it is a Zigbee connected to the Thermostat. If you have a Zigbee hub like an Echo Plus or a Smart Thing, it will be easier to connect it with the Zigbee hub. On the other hand, it is the best pick if you are using the hub’s software to set schedules or automate control.

Whereas, if it lacks a Zigbee hub, then a Maestro controller thermostat is the best-suited choice for you. A controller thermostat works like a functioning thermostat. Herein, the Zigbee bridge that connects to other Maestro smart thermostats. Besides, all you need to purchase is one controller thermostat which will connect to all other Maestros.

The controller thermostat allows users to access the Maestro app. Some of the distinct features include an integrated geofencing technique, easy grouping into zones, a detailed report of energy usage, better efficiency to improve heating, and an easy way to integrate the locate weather information. It also includes an IFTTT channel.

Want to know what is the con of Maestro? It lacks native voice control, which makes it a deal-breaker for us. Herein, you easily hack it with the IFTTT, and however, the efforts put in is another story altogether. However, all you can do is purchase another thermostat, and the work is done for you.

This alone makes us not recommend the purchase of Maestro ASMT402 controller type of Thermostat. If you own a Zigbee hub and are all ready to put in the effort of automating the setup, then this smart Thermostat is for you the best option available at the lowest price.

Stelpro Maestro ASMT402

Check Price– Stelpro Maestro ASMT402


These are high voltage thermostats that have become the favorite among automation gurus. We have all our trust inSinope and Stelpro Ki, two of the most reliable and high voltage smart thermostats available across the United States.

It was originally available as the Zigbee thermostat, which upgraded its version to a WiFi version. Thus, it is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, SmartThings, and HomeKit. Besides, it also connects well with Sinope’s Neviweb application.

It works best with the convectors, baseboard, radiant ceiling heaters, and fan-forced convectors.


Check Price Sinope

Stelpro Ki

Besides, not all are fond of getting a smart thermostat that includes all the extra features, and many only wish for home automation that works well with a single thermostat, and Stelpro Ki is one of them.

It is available in the Zigbee and Z-Wave versions. Herein, the Z-Wave is the single line voltage version we could find that is compatible with our requirements. We didn’t find any relevant reason to purchase a Zigbee version, though. However, if you wish for a Zigbee, you must choose the Stelpro Maestro ASMT402 form of Smart Home Thermostat.

Stelpro Ki

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King K902-B Hoot

King Hoot is one Thermostat created in the United States, and it is thus indigenous to the US. King Electric is a company based in Seattle, WA, making reliable and trustworthy electric heating systems since the year 1958.

It uses WiFi, and there is no need for any extra hubs. However, on the con side, it has a limited integration process. It is controlled using the Hoot Smart Phone App. You can purchase the single or double pole variant that supports convectors, baseboard, and fan-driven electric wall heaters.

It is also the best-built Thermostat. However, it is not the smartest Thermostat on the list, and you can find a version that is more cost-friendly than other options.

King K902-B Hoot

Check Price– King k902-B Hoot

Reasons to purchase A-Line Voltage Smart Thermostat

Are you wondering the need to find a reason for purchasing a smart thermostat that is cool, geeky, and the best? Then here are few reasons:

Reduces on Electricity bills

We are not oblivious to the fact that electric heaters are the most expensive ones. Suppose you can shut it off when not required or turn it more efficient, then it can save up a lot of bucks. They are designed in a manner that will heat you are home a little and still make you feel comfortable without leaving you frozen.

Zoning offers the potential for even bigger savings

Line Voltage systems tend to be multi-zone compatible, which means you can operate your thermostats independently. Here is an example, suppose you are sleeping and want to turn off the heat in the living room and turn it on in the bedroom; that is what smart thermostats are good at.

Moreover, multi-zone compatibility offers a greater potential to save on your energy bills. Yet you will have to operate it manually, especially the adjustments to save your bills from escalating. In addition, adjusting the thermostats is yet another task in itself. A smart thermostat in this place helps schedule the daily adjustments that will automatically save your bills.

Access it remotely

Many lookouts for a line voltage thermostat and multiple thermostats. Herein, each setup has a thermostat for each room. Thus, if you go on to change the temperature of your entire home, you need to go about adjusting it manually for each room.

Here is an example, suppose you are all set to vacation to a tropical paradise during winter. However, before leaving, you turn downturn down all thermostats but forget the one that is sufficient to spill the heat in other rooms and ultimately escalate your bills.

On the other hand, a smart thermostat will make it easier for you. You can automatically adjust the temperature irrespective of where you are or whether you are sleeping, away, or at home chilling. Besides, you can also schedule the temperature change using your smartphone from across the globe. Now isn’t that a smart idea!

Most asked questions about A-Line Voltage Smart Thermostat

Below listed are guidelines to assist you in deciding if you need a line voltage smart thermostat. Read the questions to decide which is the ultimate pick for you.

Systems that need a Line Voltage Thermostat

Every application that is made for a line voltage thermostat has an electric resistance heater. If you have heaters that are fan forced wall convectors, electric baseboard, electric underfloor heater, or wall convector, you will require a line voltage thermostat.

Read this article to know which smart thermostats are best suited for working the electric underfloor heaters.

Does it work with a fan coil or heating units?

It is to be noted that a fan-coil heating unit will require a higher voltage thermostat. Besides, it will also need a multi-speed fan control. However, no line voltage smart thermostats can control multi-speed fans separately. Hence, it is not compatible with a fan-coil heating unit.

Non-compatible Thermostats

These smart thermostats do not work for the central forced-air furnace systems, and it includes few but are not limited to gas furnaces, electric furnace, boilers or heat pumps. Herein, you require a lower voltage smart thermostat like an Ecobee or Nest.

Will the Thermostat also control my Air Conditioner?

No smart thermostats that are listed here can only control heaters and not air conditioners. If your heaters tend to require a line voltage thermostat, then it is not possible to control both cooling and heating in one. Check out this article to see how you can control air conditioners using smart controllers.

Number of thermostats I will require

If you wish to add a smart control, the Thermostat must be replaced with a smarter version. You ideally require at least five Thermostat variants to heat the entire home with electric resistance heat, and it means one for every room that depends on your house and can add on to over ten thermostats.

However, if you have multiple heaters, then you can wire them together in a single thermostat. But herein, ensure that the combined heaters do not exceed the overall limit of the Thermostat.

Clicking noise and new Thermostat

How often have you heard a clicking noise when near your Thermostat? Well, it usually comes when the heat is turned on and off. The noise is reasoned for the mechanical switch located inside the Thermostat, also popularly known as a relay. It is loud to notice but not so loud that it signals a big problem. But if the Thermostat starts turning the heat on and off for more than a few seconds, it can turn out to be quite irking.

Few thermostats gave away their relays and opted for an integrated circuit (IC) instead of carrying out the switching process. They are more durable and operate without making noise. That means you can now rapidly switch on and off the heat without making your user turn irritated. Rapid switching allows invariant heating rates, which can turn it more accurate and allow efficient heating.

How to remove Temporary & Permanent hold on Honeywell Thermostat

Difference between single and double pole

A heater is connected with the single pole thermostat, which is never disconnected until you shut the power from the breaker. Even though the heater is not working actively, there still exists voltage moving across the wires.

On the other hand, a double pole thermostat will shut off its heater without even shutting the Thermostat. It is advantageous if there is nobody in the home for a long period and you can turn off the heater completely. If the Thermostat is here set in the offsetting, it wades off the risk of an electric shock. However, we recommend shutting off the entire power supply before you work on the Thermostat.

Note! – Be careful when installing a Line Voltage Thermostat

It is easy to install this line voltage thermostat, and all you need to do is match the 2 wires or sometimes 4 of them together. If you are obscure about what you are doing, then it is best to leave it as it may alarm dangerous involving high voltage wires. The shock can lead to knocking you on your butt or burn you down besides even killing you. (which is unlikely, though!)

Then ensure to turn off the power button before you go ahead with the installation process. Besides, having a voltage tester can help you know how to use it mechanically, and a basic model is cheaper and easier to use.

Final Thoughts

We found the Mysa Smart Thermostat to be the most attractive line Voltage Smart Thermostat, which comprised an attractive design and offered reliable operations. It is easy to set up, and there is no need for any additional hubs. Besides, its feature set is not second to anything, including assistance to all three assistants. Moreover, it offers Smart Things and offers a multi-user geofencing.

On the other hand, the only reason I would recommend a Stelpro Ki is if you have a Z-Wave Thermostat. It is a Zigbee-powered form of ASMT402 smart thermostat that offers similar features and benefits as the newer model at low prices.

As for King Hoot, we think it is highly priced considering its lack of integration facility with smart home systems.




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