How to Reset/Reboot Your Vizio Smart TV? (Solved 100%)

Television viewing has evolved over the years. As a result, smart TVs have gained prominence and hold a special place in the technology industry wherein everyone is given a different experience.

Herein, Smart TVs like Vizio are cost-friendly and are backed with exciting features. However, they do come with the occasional technical troubles that need you to reset the system.

There are two ways to reset a Vizio Smart TV: hard reset or soft reset. Soft reset includes putting your TV on the power cycle. On the contrary, a hard reset helps users wipe their stored data and TV firmware and restore it to default mode.

Well, then in this article, we bring you the reasons to learn how to reset a Vizio Smart TV and reset your hard and soft TV reset easily.

Why must you reset your Vizio Smart TV?

Similar to smartphones and other smart systems, resetting any device is a repair hack. It is required to turn your Vizio Smart TV into a functional state.

How to Reset Your Vizio Smart TV

So, here are a few reasons listed below on why and when you must reset your TV system Vizio Smart TV:

  • If your Smart TV is freezing or lagging. (Resetting the system will help in solving all the trouble related to Vizio Smart TV)
  • If your Vizio Smart TV is running too slow
  • In this case, your Vizio Smart TV displays or shows different colors on the screen.
  • When the smart functions are not working appropriately
  • You cannot switch on the TV even after pressing the TV remote control and the power button multiple times.
  • If you wish to restore the smart TV to its original state
  • Your smart TV’s audio and video output is not working properly
  • If you have forgotten the smart TV’s password, thereby not able to access its home screen.
  • You want to sell your Vizio Smart TV and want to reset it before it is sold to someone. It assists in wiping all the stored data and personal information from the new owner accessing it
  • You are unable to connect to WiFi
  • Your in-built smart TV system applications have crashed

Do check our article on tips to follow if you are unable to connect to your Smart TV. Besides, resetting your Vizio smart TV is a completely effective and secured mode to resolve the listed issues with ease.

Steps for Resetting your Vizio Smart TV

Suppose your Vizio Smart TV is experiencing some issue; resetting will help in resolving the trouble. Your Vizio Smart TV will help in the following two reset options, including soft reset and hard reset.

How to Apply Soft Resetting for your Vizio Smart TV?

Soft resetting involves troubleshooting your Vizio technical support as it is effective and easy to apply. It includes switching off your Smart Vizio TV for a few minutes while you turn it on (power cycling).

Soft resetting your smart TV allows you to customize settings, restart your TV without losing the data, and dissipate residue charges.

Below listed are the steps for soft resetting your Smart TV:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the TV’s power outlet
  2. Press the power button on the TV remote menu
  3. Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds
  4. Plugin your power cord and switch ON your Smart TV

Besides, for a few models, you will have to follow the below-listed process and the power cycle process in the menu option:

  1. Hold the menu button on your Smart TV remote
  2. Choose System and select the Reset & Admin option
  3. Choose the Soft Power Cycle option
  4. It will assist in turning off your system and restarting it

How to Reset your Vizio Smart TV by applying Hard Settings?

How to Reset Your Vizio Smart TV

The hard resetting method offers a detailed troubleshooting solution. Like soft reset, the hard reset also requires you to switch off your Smart TV and turn it on. It also allows you to wipe the entire system memory, restore the smart TV’s factory settings, and reset its firmware.

However, before you apply the hard reset method, do try the soft reset method on your system to know if it works well or not. Moreover, if you have to reset your system using a hard reset, there are two ways of doing so:

Method 1: Vizio Smart TV Soft Resetting

For resetting your Vizio Smart TV, you require a remote control with you to do it. Here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Disconnect your WiFi network from your Smart TV
  2. Press the Menu key from your remote
  3. Navigate to the System option on the menu and press OK
  4. Select the Reset & Admin option and press OK
  5. Navigate down and choose Reset TV to Factory State and select OK
  6. Enter the parental lock code (the default parental code for most Vizio Smart TVs is 0000)
  7. Choose Reset and select OK
  8. Your TV will switch off and reboot
  9. Declutter the previous settings and configurations
  10. Your screen will display a new setup
  11. Connect your wireless network and router and follow the setup process
  12. Reconnect with the network

The hard reset method is not compatible with older Vizio Smart TV versions, while it will work best with the recent versions of the Smart TV.

Method 2: Hard Resetting Method for Vizio Smart TV

Are you unable to reset your Vizio TV using the soft reset method? Well, then do try out the below-listed technique by following the steps:

  1. Turn off your Smart TV
  2. Unplug the power outlet
  3. Hold the CH+ and CH- buttons on your TV remote system
  4. Now, continue to press the power button located at the top of your remote and hold it for 5 seconds before you release it
  5. Release both the CH+ and CH- buttons together
  6. Navigate to the menu option on the remote
  7. Doing so, your TV screen will boot and display the menu
  8. Herein, find the F icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen
  9. Now signal the factory reset setup on the screen
  10. Choose and hold the menu button for 3 to 5 seconds where your TV will display the Service Menu
  11. Herein, navigate to the factory resetting option

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Wrapping it up

You can reset your Vizio Smart TV either through soft reset or hard reset mode. However, if you have to choose between both, we recommend you go with a soft reset. On the contrary, if you cannot reset your Smart TV using a soft reset, then apply a hard reset to resolve the issue.

If you are still unable to resolve your Vizio Smart TV issues even after running a reset, then go ahead and connect with Vizio’s technical support and speak with its technician.



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