Is it Legal to Install Your Own Furnace?

Our expenses seem to increase day-by-day as new and new technology is launched. People are finding new sources of income as well as new ways to save money. You can save a lot of money by doing home upgrades and repair on your own. But, installing a gas furnace on our own is not easy and it requires a lot of precision and practice.

There are a lot of chances that you make a mistake while installing the furnace which can lead to a lot of issues such as inefficient functioning as well as carbon dioxide leaks. Also, there is a chance of fire breakout as you are functioning with electricity and gas.

Is it Legal to Install Your Own Furnace? No, it’s illegal to install your own furnace until and unless you are a trained professional. Installation and replacement of furnace must be done by experts only. You should hire a licensed HVAC expert to perform this job. 

Even if you like to do home improvement stuff on your own and have done some repairs in the past still I don’t suggest you install a furnace on your own. To install a furnace you need a permit and without a licensed contractor, it is illegal to do install an electric or natural gas furnace.

Installing a furnace requires a deep knowledge of metal sheet work, plumbing, as well as electrical work. Even if you have experience of installing or repairing a furnace an expert needs to go through a complex process. Hence, only a licensed HVAC expert is allowed to install a furnace in most of the states.

Can I legally put in my own furnace?

Installing or repairing a furnace can be hazardous as it involves natural gas and oil. The furnace can be even more hazardous if the tuning of the furnace is not proper. If you want to switch from natural gas furnace to an electric furnace the process can become even more tangled. Even after completing the degree, HVAC experts go through a lot of training.

Also, they are trained on how to handle an emergency if any bad incident happens during the installation process. Some areas require professionals to be licensed locally as well.

Installing a New Furnace

Before beginning the installation process make sure to turn off all the electric and gas supplies. It can be very dangerous if the gas or electric supply is on while you are uninstalling the furnace. Check twice before uninstalling if the supplies to the furnace are turned off. After all, utilities are off it is 100% safe to uninstall the furnace.

The HVAC expert must wear protective gear such as gloves and clothes before beginning the process of uninstalling the furnace. Wearing protective gear is essential as there are a lot of chances of getting cut by the sharp edges of the metal sheet. After turning all utilities off, vent pipes and ductwork can be removed.

If your furnace is connected to the air conditioner then you need to dismantle that connection. This work also can be done only by HVAC experts who have a license to work with refrigeration components. After removing all the screws from the base and after disabling the unit, it can be safely removed.

Preparation of Area for Installing New Furnace

The first step before installing a new furnace is to clean the area and dirt caused during the uninstalling process which is done by the HVAC expert. Using a vacuum cleaner the HVAC expert will clean the dirt and dust. Installing a new furnace is costly and you don’t need any sort of issue caused due to dirt and dust.

After cleaning the area properly the HVAC expert can safely start the installation process of the new furnace. Initially, ductwork, wires and pipes will be attached to your new furnace. The next step is the connection of the thermostat and after that gas and electricity supplies are turned on. Then, it’s time to check and test the new system by the HVAC expert.

All the gas supply lines must also be checked for leaks if you are installing a gas furnace. Also, never forget to check leaks to the AC supply as well. HVAC expert is highly trained and they have the appropriate equipment to check the entire system for gas leaks as carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal.

There are numerous types of advance furnace available in the market and as a homeowner, your only job is to look for the furnace which best suits your home. Keep the rest for the HVAC expert and never try to install or repair your own furnace. Removing the old furnace and installing the new one is a huge job that can be screwed up in many ways which may lead to costly repairs and fatal damage.

Do I need a Permit to Install a Furnace?

Getting a permit for home repairs and upgrades is quite tough for homeowners. Also, it is hard to figure out which home improvement projects needs permission and which don’t. Furnace repair and installation permit are majorly required and given to big constructions as well as industrial works. Many homeowners are confused about whether replacing or repairing a home furnace requires a permit or not.

Do you need a permit to install a furnace? Yes, surely you require a permit to install your furnace. By law, a furnace or mechanic permit is required for most of the States for homeowners who are willing to replace or repair their furnace.

Installation or replacement of furnace is a complicated home project that requires a lot of skilled work and efforts by the contractors. The permit is proof that the contractor performing the project has the skillset and experience to successfully do this project.

Not only this some other permits such as low-voltage electrical permit are also required in some cases. The work of wiring and thermostat needs an electrical permit even if you are using the same old thermostat for the new furnace. May it be gas or electric furnace both of them need appropriate installation to guarantee safety.

Improper installation of furnace can lead to serious damage, injury or sometimes even death of the person. The project done by contractors is given an inspection by a third party to ensure the project is under standard code as well as guidelines. So, you don’t need to worry about perfect operation and safety.

Permits also play a big role when something wrong goes while installing your furnace. If the project is performed with proper permits then you don’t need to worry about damaged caused due to improper installation. The homeowner’s insurance will not cover any replacement, damage, or repairing cost caused by the improper functioning of the furnace which can be really expensive if you don’t have the permit.

To check if the home improvement project you are looking to perform needs a permit you can check the website of the Labor and industries departments of your particular State. Never trust any individual or contractor who says that a permit is not required for the installation of the furnace. Permits are essential to ensure your safety not only during installation but also after the installation of your furnace.

You may face a lot of dangerous situations if you install your furnace from a non-licensed individual or contractor. Dangers caused by installing your own furnace are listed below.

Dangers of Installing your Own Furnace

Natural gas leaks can happen during the installation process of the furnace. However, a natural gas leak is very rare as the gas is perfected contained in the HVAC unit but don’t forget natural gas is a very flammable substance. Fatal situations can easily occur due to simple mistakes and gas can easily leak. Until and unless you are not trained, trying to install your own furnace will always result in some kind of leak.

Can I legally put in my own furnace?

Huge explosions can occur if the gas leak is not controlled properly. A tiny spark can set the whole house on fire and cause serious injuries as well as the death of your family members. Also, gas cannot be seen and you cannot find out where the gas is leaking simply by smelling it. You need proper testing equipment and even if you find out the leaking spot you need the right equipment to seal it.

Now you know why installation and replacement of furnace is the task to be done by professionals only. Fire is something that can cause serious damage and always leave the work of the furnace to HVAC experts only. Even if any gas leak occurs, professionals are well-trained and have the experience to handle it.

How to Find the Best Contractor to Install Furnace

Internet is the thing where you get a review of each and every small thing available on this planet. If the contractor has bad reviews then avoid those contractors or individuals. As a contractor, it is impossible to keep everyone happy with their service. But, if you see the same complaint particularly about safety then avoid that contractor for sure.

Get quotes about the project from a different contractor. Negotiate a bit but don’t get your work done from the one who is charging the lowest. Nor go for very expensive services. Find someone who is an expert at his work with decent reviews and a fair price. You need to find the perfect combination to get your work done professionally without spending too much.

The best thing about furnace installation that I like is that it is a one-time expense if you take care of your furnace properly. So, don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for perfect installation and working of the furnace. If the installation is perfect and you take care of it for years you don’t need to spend a dollar on your heater. Always spend a few bucks and get the installation work done by a professional only!



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