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Many people are confused when it comes to choosing between Shiplap and Drywall siding for their homes. However, Shiplap is the best choice for homeowners who prefer natural building materials.

Shiplap can be used to cover interior as well as exterior walls and in rare cases for ceilings too. On the other hand, drywall is a lightweight interior technology consisting of a G.I. steel frame.

Is Shiplap more Expensive than Drywall? The quick answer to this is- Shiplaps are usually more expensive than Drywalls and the cost majorly depends on the type of materials used. In very rare cases Drywalls can be slightly more expensive than Shiplaps too. Shiplap has the upper hand when compared to Drywalls as it has many advantages!

Drywalls are considerably cheaper than Shiplaps but the cost is not the only factor to look at when it comes to renovating your house. There are numerous reasons why you should use Shiplap rather than Drywalls.

I was also very confused while picking one of the above choices and I had spent hours researching which one was best for me. So, I decided to write a detailed and well-researched article and make it easy for others. By the end of this article, I’m pretty sure you will get a rough idea of which one is best for your home.

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap is a kind of wooden board that is used in the interior as well as exterior sidings in walls, ceilings, homes, outbuildings, sheds, and also residences. It has a rabbet (notch cut) on its edges which instead of overlapping rest on top of each other.

With the help of a rabbet, the board perfectly places itself horizontally which gives a clean and tidy look. After installing the Shiplap it looks similar to regular wooden boards and also keeps water away!

Shiplap is made up of panels that overlap over each other (rests on top of each other) and locks itself perfectly. Installing a shiplap on a wall takes such numerous panels and the average cost of one panel is between 1$-5$. So, filling up the entire wall with such panels will cost much more than buying a gypsum board for drywall.

What is Drywall?

Drywall consists of a G.I. steel frame wrapped up in the gypsum board. It is created by pressing together some gypsum materials to form plasterboard.

Self-drilling drywall screws are used to attach all of this. The joints of this board are taped and finished with gypsum as well. Unlike Shiplap they are complete material that is already finished and ready to use.

The cost of the Drywall depends on various factors such as type, size, as well as thickness of the board. Mostly the cost of Drywalls is considerably less than that of Shiplap.

The cost of drywall per panel would be around 40$-70$ which means an ideal room will require 400$-700$ (including labour charges). This cost is very less compared to that of shiplap.

Shiplap Vs drywall

Shiplap Vs Drywall

Let’s see the difference between Shiplap and Drywall using some key points. Here we will compare both of them and eventually you will get to know which is best suited for you.


For buying a Shiplap panel it costs somewhere between 1$-5$ on average but there are also boards available in the market which are 7$ per square foot. So, for an ideal room, it will take 3600$ on average with people spending even more than that up to $6000 per room.

Not only the wood cost but in addition to that you will need money to buy paint, sealant, stain for finishing purpose. However, the installation of Shiplap is quite easy so you can yourself do it which will save some labour charges.

On the other hand, when it comes to drywall the ideal sheet of drywall is much cheaper than the Shiplap sheet but the overall cost may increase. This is because you will need to sand, paint, prime and finish the drywall. Also, labour charges for installing drywall is greater as it is time-consuming and tough.

If in case you are thinking of installing the drywall on your own it will require very hard work and carefulness. If you never have done it before it will be very difficult to properly install it. And, getting it done from a professional would be really heavy on your pockets.

So, drywall will take around 1$-2$ per square foot along with installation which is comparatively less than Shiplap.

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Ease of Installation

When it comes to ease of installation Shiplap requires very little work and time when compared to drywall. In fact, the biggest advantage of shiplap is its ease of installation and any day it looks better and cooler. Unlike drywall, you can easily install the shiplap on your own without spending money on professional.

Another merit of shiplap is it requires only a few tools to get install. You would need a saw, hammer, nailgun, level, and wood that’s it. Shiplap sits on top of each other and it has groves that make it easier to install.

Whereas drywall installation takes more work and installing it properly would be a big task for beginners. Taping, mudding, sanding, priming, painting it all takes time and a heck of work.

Without creating any mess of sanding, nailing, taping, mudding you can easily install it. If you choose to drywall it will create a lot of dust in your room.

Look and Feel

I don’t know about you guys but I personally just love the clean and tidy look of shiplap. Shiplap is getting popular among many people due to its classic and natural look. The woody appearance is warmer and pine, cedar, oak wood is mostly used.

With fewer efforts of installation, you can achieve a great natural look which is impossible to get with drywall. Shiplap can be used in any room may it be kitchen, bedroom, living rooms, or bathroom. It just looks awesome and it also provides a smooth transition from one room to another.

Unlike drywall, you can customize and design shiplap however you want. I really like the versatility of shiplap and you can colour, stain or paint by your choice.

Reliability and Durability

Installing shiplap in your house may cost more but its reliability and durability are much more good. A shiplap board cost twice or thrice more than a drywall board but it is considerably thicker and stronger than drywall.

Drywall is weaker than shiplap and it can easily be damaged and dented. Scratches are very common on drywall and if in case you have kids in your house then be ready to pay the price.

If your house has a leakage problem or walls have a lot of moisture then thunk again before installing drywall. A little bit of water also can damage the drywall completely with stains and moulds. So, prefer using shiplap if you can afford it for longevity and durability.

Maintainance, Nailing, and Painting

Installing and painting shiplap is easy as well as maintaining it after installation is far easy compared to drywall. You don’t need to sand, prim before painting shiplap and cleaning the shiplap is piece of cake.

Whereas cleaning and maintaining the drywall is tough as you can easily end up damaging the surface. Another important point is that you can easily nail on shiplap to hang paintings and wall hangings.

Shiplap is stronger, tougher, and thicker and nailing it wouldn’t damage it. On the other hand, if you try to nail on drywall there are high chances that you will damage it!

Is shiplap expensive

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Tips to reduce the cost of Shiplap Siding!

The most important tip that I would like to give you is to go for the wood that looks decent is budget-friendly. Don’t buy wood that is too costly as it would take a lot of money.

Choose wood that looks good as well as doesn’t look cheap. Sometimes even the cheaper wood gives a pretty rich and decent look. Also, you can save more money by installing shiplap siding on your own. If you are going to install Shiplap by yourself you will save a lot of labour money and can invest that money in buying better-quality wood.

The process of installing Shiplap is not that much tough and you will get a lot of videos on YouTube. Measuring and cutting the wood is essential and get it done carefully.

Wrapping it Up

Before concluding I would like to give you guys some useful tips while purchasing either Drywall or Shiplap. The very important step to do in the beginning is to get the exact measurement of your house.

While buying any kind of material try to buy the exact required amount. It shouldn’t be less than required nor more or you will waste your bucks. If you have decided to buy Shiplap get a little bit extra as some amount will be wasted while cutting.

Getting an appropriate amount of material will save a lot of money as well as time. In the end, it is your choice to buy either Shiplap or Drywall. You can buy whatever suits your home and always do what you feel. Don’t get influenced by other’s opinions as you are going to live in your house and not that guy.

Everybody has different tastes and do whatever feels right for you. However, from our article, I’m sure that you would have got an idea that Shiplap has many merits beyond its clean and tidy looks. So, if you are renovating your home or building a new I would suggest use Shiplap rather than Drywall.


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