Is Shiplap Out of Style or is it still Trendy? (Shocking!)

Joanna Gaines who is a very popular home redecoration and renovation specialist uses shiplap often to renovate homes. If you have even slight knowledge about home designing then you surely know how crucial is shiplap to take the look of your house to the next level.

Joanna Gaines and her partner Chip Gaines are done with their show Fixer Upper and have moved to property renovations, starting a new restaurant, selling furnished products, taking care of their newborn, writing blogs as well as books. Hence, many people think that Shiplap is out of style and is not used much now. But, is it so?

Is Shiplap Out of Style?

Chip Gaines and his wife Joanna don’t do shiplap designs anymore but does that mean Shiplap is out of style? Is Shiplap now outdated and not trendy? Do people still use shiplap while designing their home interiors or has it passed its time?

It is very tough to digest the fact that many people think Shiplap is outdated as it is used for several years now as it has some distinct features and looks. Every home designer knows the importance of shiplap and hence continues to use it even now. Shiplap is for sure in style and it has more charm than a simple wooden board. 

History of Shiplap

We see Shiplap used in many homes as well as surroundings for quite some time now. The majority of Shiplap is used widely in the regions of the nation where the weather conditions are very severe. There are various misbeliefs and misunderstandings regarding the Shiplap and its usage.

In the beginning, Shiplap was used as a shielding material on the outsides of houses, sheds, shacks, as well as structures that can rust. When we think of Shiplap the only thing which comes in our mind is decorative boards nailed on ceilings as well as walls of houses. But, it is used for long in several places for different purposes. Historically, Shiplap was used on the exterior of the houses.

Is Shiplap out of style

Many old houses in Texas still have exterior Shiplap used and that’s the reason why Joanna Gaines received a lot of limelight as they have real estate ventures in Waco. Shiplap was widely used in several regions of the nation and considered a good material. Shiplap was very versatile as well as inexpensive at that time but wasn’t only meant to be used as an interior decorative material.

The modern houses are first framed and later plywood covering is used to strengthen the frame. After that installation of sidings as well as wall covering is done. Earlier boards were also used and then plywood came into trend.

The boards were placed horizontally or diagonally which was majorly used for protection. These same boards are used widely nowadays in interior designing but they are not real shiplap!

Genuine Shiplap

Actual Shiplap is made from rough wood which is very cheap such as pine. The wood is later cut into different sizes and lengths as per the need. There are rabbets on the opposite side of the board which help in overlapping. The installation is done in a way that each board is allowed to overlap on the other board.

However, due to overlapping a channel is created between two boards which enhances the look. But, it also does the work of shielding and protection against harsh weather conditions. The shiplap used in such buildings have very low maintenance and have the ability to face adverse cold temperatures and severe climate changes.

Shiplap is used in interior designing majorly to give a rough look to a wall or ceiling. However, people use wooden planks instead of real shiplap which are either painted or left in the natural state having a protective covering over them. These planks are usually placed horizontally with a very small gap in between which resembles the look of a real shiplap.

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Every Trends Vanishes!

The usage of shiplap in the interiors of a home increased drastically in recent years thanks to shows like Upper Fixer which majorly promoted shiplap. Now we can find shiplap almost in every house and the repetitive use of it has led to its high and now the trend is in downfall.

Only a few houses can really benefit from the use of shiplap. Yes I know they look good on houses and many people love the natural rustic and comfortable look of shiplap but some home interiors can look saturated by its presence. If an old house already has shiplap used during its construction such as behind an old wallpaper then we cannot do anything about it.

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When shiplap is used in places where it shouldn’t be it simply ruins the entire look. Every wall having shiplap doesn’t necessarily give that pleasant look and sometimes it doesn’t work in houses no matter what. Excess usage of shiplap gives the same feel and aesthetics to every room which becomes boring afterwards.

Not every home can support the use and look of it. Shiplap is definitely a choice for you if live near a sea/beach, or it is a country cottage or if it has a modern farmhouse look.

Shiplap is still used

If you think that shiplap is outdated and never can be used then you are completely wrong. Shiplap still has its place in certain interior design areas but using too much of it can ruin the look, feel, and comfy nature of any place.

Shiplap used with modern interior design doesn’t feel outdated but certainly doesn’t match the vibe and feels out of sync. If you decide to use the shiplap where it shouldn’t be then you will easily ruin the look and your affection towards shiplap will surely end.

But, if still you want to follow the trend and have made the mind to install shiplap then you should use it wisely. Shiplap shouldn’t solely be used in your entire living room walls or kitchen but use it in small interior spaces.

You can definitely use shiplap in small areas such as vanity areas and old worn out ceilings which need a refurbishment. The look and comfortable feel of shiplap completely depends on the quantity and areas where you choose to use them.

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Future of Shiplap

As the popular home renovation show Fixer Upper is stopped, a lot of designs and decoration trends that the show promoted also kind of went out of the way. Following the trend many houses and homes used shiplap and the excessive use of shiplap made it reach its peak and slowly the downfall of this trend began.

In the end, it is a trend and no matter how beautiful it looks like every other trend it’s going to pass away. Every house design started to use the shiplap which made it very common and obvious.

Fixer Upper helped shiplap to grow and increased its popularity like anything but eventually, every house owner must know the fact that not every trending thing can fit in their place. Although you may be obsessed with any particular design style you must always see if it suits your house.

I think we have answered your question of whether shiplap is out of style or not. If you did find this article helpful don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!


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