Is Wyze Cam Going Out of Business?

As of the current information available, there is no indication that Wyze is going out of business. While it is true that Wyze has made some changes to their product line and subscription plans, these types of adjustments are common in the tech industry as companies refine their offerings based on customer feedback and market demands.

In fact, Wyze appears to be financially stable and has attracted recent investments, which is a positive sign for their future. Additionally, Wyze continues to introduce new products, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and growth in the smart home market.

As with any business, the landscape can change, but based on the available information, there is no immediate indication that Wyze is facing imminent closure. Users can continue to enjoy and invest in Wyze products with confidence in their ongoing presence in the market.

Details of Wyze

Wyze Labs, Inc. is a reputable company that has gained popularity for providing affordable and innovative smart home products. They have a diverse range of offerings, including smart cameras, smart lights, plugs, vacuums, an alarm, a gun safe, and gaming headphones.

Can You Use Wyze Camera Without Internet/WIFI

One reason why people might wonder if Wyze is going out of business is because of the competitive nature of the tech industry. Companies often face challenges and changes, and some may misconstrue product discontinuations or subscription plan updates as signs of financial trouble.

However, it’s essential to note that companies regularly refine their product line and subscription plans based on market demands and customer feedback. These adjustments do not necessarily indicate financial instability. In fact, Wyze has demonstrated stability and growth in the market and has attracted investments.

Moreover, Wyze’s affordable pricing and quality products have contributed to their popularity among consumers. They offer local storage options through microSD cards, as well as cloud storage through their Cam Plus subscription plan, giving users flexibility in managing their recordings.

While the tech industry is dynamic and things can change, as of my last update, there was no immediate indication that Wyze was at risk of going out of business. Users can continue to enjoy and invest in Wyze products with confidence in their ongoing presence in the smart home market. For the most current information, it’s always best to check the latest news and updates from Wyze directly.

Is Wyze Going Out of Business?

Speculations about Wyze going out of business or facing financial troubles have been fueled by various factors, but it’s essential to address and clarify these concerns.

Product Discontinuations

One reason for the speculations was the discontinuation of the Wyze Cam v.1 on February 1st, 2022. Some users interpreted this move as a sign that the entire Wyze Cam line would be phased out, leading to concerns about the company’s future. However, the discontinuation was primarily because the v.1 camera could no longer support critical updates.

Wyze has introduced newer models like the v.2 and v.3 with improved features and performance, making it a natural upgrade path. From a business perspective, it is common for companies to retire older products when newer and better options are available.

Although the Wyze Cam v.1 will no longer receive updates, existing users can continue to use it. However, to stay up to date with security improvements and the latest features, users may consider upgrading to the v.2 or v.3.

Slow Updates

Wyze’s software and firmware updates are generally well-maintained, but occasionally, issues may arise that cause delays in updates. In 2022, some users experienced problems when trying to update their devices to newly released firmware.

Smart AC Controllers

This led to concerns among customers about Wyze’s stability as a company. However, Wyze addressed the issue and resolved it promptly, ensuring that firmware updates could proceed smoothly.

It’s important to understand that small companies like Wyze may take slightly longer to implement updates due to the complexities involved in serving a large customer base. Wyze has millions of customers, and ensuring a smooth update process for all of them can be challenging for a company with 350 employees. Nevertheless, Wyze remains committed to providing timely updates and enhancing the user experience.

Cloud Subscription Changes

Another point of speculation was Wyze’s handling of Cam Plus Lite, a Cloud subscription plan that allows users to name their price, even if it’s $0. Cam Plus Lite was limited to specific devices and not available for newer models like video doorbells and some Wyze Cam versions. Some users interpreted this as a sign of financial troubles.

However, it was likely a strategic decision to ensure profitability. Offering Cam Plus as a premium subscription with more advanced features and compatibility allows Wyze to generate revenue while still offering a more budget-friendly option with Cam Plus Lite.

In conclusion, while Wyze has faced some challenges and made changes to its product line and subscription plans, there is no immediate indication that the company is going out of business. Wyze remains financially stable and continues to innovate by introducing new products.

As with any company, changes and adjustments are part of the business landscape, and Wyze is no exception. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s best to refer to official announcements from Wyze.

Is Wyze Here To Stay?

Indeed, several reasons indicate that Wyze is here to stay and thriving as a smart home products provider.

Expanding Product Line

Wyze has been continuously expanding its product line with innovative devices, such as the Floodlight Cam, Wyze Cam OG, Wyze Cam OG Telephoto, mesh Wi-Fi systems, and gaming headphones.

The introduction of new and improved products demonstrates their commitment to growth and staying relevant in the market. Their marketing efforts also showcase their dedication to presenting their products creatively and appealingly.


Despite offering affordable smart home devices, Wyze remains profitable. They have found a sweet spot by providing quality products at competitive prices, which attracts budget-conscious customers without compromising on functionality. With an average annual revenue of around $8 million, they have a solid customer base supporting their business.


Subscription Revenue

Wyze generates additional income through their subscription plans, such as Cam Plus, Cam Plus Lite, Cam Protect, Home Monitoring, and Sprinkler Plus. These subscription offerings provide customers with enhanced features and services, contributing to Wyze’s revenue stream.

External Investment

A significant sign of Wyze’s financial stability and growth potential is the recent investment of $110 million from a company owned by Jay-Z. Such a substantial investment from a reputable entity indicates confidence in Wyze’s business model and potential for future success.

Considering these factors, it is safe to say that Wyze is not going out of business any time soon. Their expanding product line, profitability, and external investment are strong indicators of their stability and longevity in the smart home industry.

What Can Happen if Wyze Goes Out of Buisness?

If, hypothetically, Wyze were to go out of business, current Wyze users would face some challenges, but there are potential workarounds to continue using their cameras.

  1. Android App – TinyCam: Android users can try using the TinyCam app to view their Wyze footage on their Android devices without relying on the Wyze app. While this may enable access to local storage, it might not provide push notifications as it won’t be connected to Wyze servers.
  2. Flashing the Firmware: Another option is flashing the Wyze Cam firmware with third-party firmware like DaFang Hacks. This would allow users to use their Wyze Cam’s local storage and access it as if it were a CCTV camera. However, viewing footage would require physically accessing the microSD card, as remote access might not be available.
  3. Using MicroSD Card on Computer: By using a microSD card adapter, users can plug it into their computer to view the footage captured by the camera. This method allows for local access to recorded videos.

It’s important to note that altering the camera’s firmware with third-party firmware would likely void the warranty. However, if Wyze were to go out of business, the warranty would become a non-issue.

While these workarounds may provide a way to continue using Wyze cameras, they might come with certain limitations and complexities. Additionally, without Wyze’s ongoing support, future updates, and new features may not be available, potentially limiting the functionality of the cameras over time.

Therefore, while there are options to continue using Wyze cameras in the event of the company’s closure, users should be aware of the potential challenges and consider alternative options if full functionality and ongoing support are essential to their needs.

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Wrapping it up

Indeed, being a smaller company, Wyze may face some challenges in terms of the speed of updates and discontinuing older devices as they become obsolete. Upgrading and improving products is a common practice in the tech industry, and it’s natural for companies to phase out older devices in favor of newer and more advanced ones.

Despite these factors, Wyze’s continuous expansion of its product line and the recent substantial investment indicate that the company is in a strong position and not going anywhere. The fact that Wyze is introducing new and innovative devices shows their commitment to staying competitive and meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

With the ongoing development and addition of new products, it’s evident that Wyze is focused on staying relevant in the smart home market. Furthermore, the significant investment by a company owned by Jay-Z is a positive sign of Wyze’s financial stability and long-term prospects.

Overall, while there may be challenges and changes along the way, Wyze’s commitment to innovation and expansion suggests that they are here to stay in the smart home industry.

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