Can I use a Nest Thermostat in my Apartment? (Yes! but…)

According to the American Housing Society, 86% of the newly formed households in the United States were renters. If you are a renter as well then I know you have to sacrifice a lot of apartment amenities.

I was living as a renter for a long time and I know some of these landlords are too strict. Some of these landlords don’t even let you install a thermostat in your house.

Talking about the thermostat in my rented house, it was very old as well as inefficient which was costing me a lot of money. Many of you have a question that Can I Install a Nest Thermostat in my Apartment?

The quick answer to it is- Yes, you can install a Nest Thermostat in your Apartment! But, the problem is whether your landlord will allow you to do so. If your landlord allows you then Installing a Thermostat is a piece of cake. 

From my experience most of the landlords allow you to install a Nest thermostat in your apartment but few annoying ones don’t. So, before installing its always advisable to ask them.

Old and Outdated thermostat is very inefficient and indeed it results in wasting a lot of energy. Not only they waste energy but also they are inaccurate which makes your thermostat work really hard to regulate the desired temperature.

Heating or Cooling takes more time and effort resulting in a huge increase of energy bills. As they are inefficient and not that accurate you need to run them all the time (24 hours a day) to ensure that your house is at the desired temperature.

Sometimes you need to keep them running even when someone is not at the home to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. A lot of people do this as they don’t want to wait for hours for the thermostat to get at the desired temperature after returning home working hard all day.

Doing this every day gives a lot of headaches and also you need to pay more energy bill. But, using a Nest Thermostat will solve all your problems and you can even manage the temperature of your home when you are physically not present at home. Isn’t it cool?

Nest thermostat is a very efficient and smart device that allows you to maintain the comfort level of your home. Not only this it decreases energy consumption by learning and adapting itself that also saves a lot of money.

As time passes it also learns your schedule knowing when you are at home and when you leave your house. It is a smart device that also works with your phone and you can control as well as monitor the temperature level of your house from your smartphone itself.

It adapts and sets the home temperature to your desired level when you arrive home and also it sends notifications when you are not present at home.


Should You Install a Nest Thermostat?

Yes, Install this smart device in your apartment and I bet you will find it very useful. But, the real question is whether your landlord agrees upon installing it?

You will need to make some changes such as wiring and a little drilling sometimes. If your landlord is okay with making small alterations to his house then absolutely you should install it.

If you are fortunate enough to get a green signal from your landlord then installing the thermostat can be a little tricky but don’t worry I will guide you. If you still haven’t bought a Nest Thermostat buy it from Amazon right now from here.

You will need to remove the old thermostat and replace it with the new Nest Thermostat and also connect the Nest Thermostat to the current wiring. Yes, I know it sounds a bit tough but surely it’s not that tough.

Even if you have no experience with wiring and you never have installed any device then too you can do it with proper advice. Also, calling a professional to do this stuff will take a lot of money so it’s better for you to do it on your own.

Can I use a Nest Thermostat in my Apartment

However, you need to be very careful as these wires seem small but they still can give you a big shock. If you are lucky enough to get the permission of the landlord to install a Nest thermostat I advise you to remove it and install the old thermostat when you are leaving that house.

There was a friend of mine who was living in a rented house and he replaced the thermostat and forgot to remove it while leaving that house. The landlord charged him and didn’t give him the whole security deposit which he paid.

I know it sounds rude but the rule is to return the property as you found it. So, he did have to pay even though it was an upgrade for the landlord.

Even if they permitted you to install a new thing or device in their house and it is causing some kind of issue then they have the right to remove it as well.

You can also request the landlord to replace the old thermostat and replace it with the new one to avoid further problems. But, if you already have made the mind of installing it then here are the steps to do so.

How to Install a Nest thermostat in the Apartment?

I will not bore and confuse you with the long procedure and will give you a few quick steps to install a Nest thermostat. Following these steps, it will be easy and quick to replace your thermostat.

Nest Thermostat apartment

Nest Thermostat apartment

Note- If the old thermostat wires are very thick and are labeled with 120v or more then it has a very high voltage connection and NEVER attach the Nest thermostat to it.

Here is the stepwise guide to properly install (replace) the Nest thermostat.

  1. Initially, turn off the circuit breaker. Remove the power supply to your thermostat.
  2. You can label the old wires to match the new wires of the Nest Thermostat.
  3. Remove the old thermostat and feed the wires through the middle of the base plate on the Nest thermostat.
  4. Now, to the base plate attach the Nest Box trim plate.
  5. Using a screwdriver attach the Nest base to the walls.
  6. Connect the old wires to the corresponding wires of the Nest thermostat.
  7. Connect the Nest thermostat display and turn on the circuit breaker.

By following these seven steps correctly you can install the Nest thermostat in a few minutes. If you are really facing issues while doing these simple steps you can always call a professional to the work for you. Because if something goes here and there, the landlord will not be happy with you.

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Some more devices to manage temperature while you are not at home!

If your landlord doesn’t approve of installing the Nest thermostat or you don’t want to use it for any reason then don’t worry there are more options available in the market.

There are dozens of devices that allow you to control as well as modify the house temperature when you are not at home. Similarly to the Nest thermostat, they can also adapt according to your schedule saving some bucks.

Also, these devices can be controlled by phone and they also send notifications and alerts on your smartphone.

Infrared Smart Heater by Crane

This infrared smart heater from Crane is very smart as well as energy-efficient and it uses really less energy to produce warmth. It has an app that you can install on your phone to control and manage this heater.

You can control this device from anywhere in the world as it is a WiFi controlled device. The exterior of this device doesn’t heat and it has an anti-freeze function which proves really helpful.

It has a sleek and modern design. This heater looks amazing and is available in three different colours. It additionally has child-lock and overheats protection which saves your pets and children.

Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller

The Sensibo Smart Controller is very useful as well as an inexpensive device to make your Air conditioner smart! It has small receiver pods that connect to your Ac and is managed by a hub that is connected to the router so that you can use your smartphone to control it.

You can control your Air conditioner set temperature, schedule timers as well as turn on/off the device even when you are not at home. The most amazing feature is that it connects to Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home.

Quirky Aros Smart AC

The Quirky Aros Smart AC is smart AC that you can control from a smartphone from anywhere in the world. It adapts your schedule and learns when you are at home and when you are not.

It has a smart learning architecture that sees your habits and according adjusts the temperature. It has inbuilt geo-tracking that turns on and off the Air conditioner automatically. It tracks your usage and helps you save a lot of energy and money.

nest thermostat

Wrapping it Up

The Nest thermostat is one of the most useful and favourite smart devices that I have in my house. However, Ring Doorbell is my most favourite device and check out this article (Why Ring Doorbell is Must in every house?) to know why.

If your landlord allows installing a Nest thermostat then it can be a great addition and upgrade to your house. But, always I advise you to take permission and only then install any kind of device.

If you have finally made the mind and you also get the green signal from your landlord then installing the thermostat can be a bit tricky for some. It can be also dangerous if you never have any kind of experience with wires.

Although the thermostat wires less output voltage still it can give you a minor shock. So, if you are afraid and facing any kind of issue in installing it I would recommend calling a professional for help.

Even though it may cost you some dollars but your work will be done more precisely and professionally causing no problems in the future. But, wiring is not that difficult and most people can install it on their own.

You need to do a few alterations to the house for installing it so seek permission for that also. If your old thermostat has big wires that means it has a 120v or 240v supply and never connect the Nest thermostat to it!

Don’t forget to return the property to the landlord as it was before. Remove the Nest thermostat and replace it with the old one to avoid any issue.

If in case your landlord doesn’t approve of installing the Nest thermostat then don’t worry there are more devices available that modify as well as control the temperature when you are away. Also, some of these devices don’t even require any kind of alterations. So, don’t be disappointed and find some kind of new device.


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