Ring Doorbell Hardwired but not charging? (Solved)

If your Ring Doorbell is Not charging it can be a very big problem. It can lead to the risk of criminals being undetected and also you can miss very crucial deliveries. I had the minor problem of my Ring doorbell not charging which seemed to be a major problem at first.

If you are also facing the same problem of the Ring Doorbell Not charging like me then stay tuned to know how to fix it? In this post, I’ll share some troubleshooting methods which will help you to get rid of one problem out of many from your life!

Why Ring Doorbell hardwired but not charging? The reasons for this can be 1) The power to your device is cut-off or voltage is too low 2) It is not connected to the Wifi or the connection is loose 3) Or simply your device is faulty and it needs to be replaced!

If you have purchased a new Ring Doorbell and carefully hardwired it on your own then it’s not charging can be annoying. If your Doorbell is hardwired and then not charging can lead to poor video as well as audio recordings. To fix your Ring doorbell first you need to know the reason why it’s not charging?

Why is Ring Doorbell Not Charging?

When you hardwire your Doorbell it should charge continuously in any condition and you don’t have to worry about it daily. But, if you are facing issues with charging it could be due to the following reasons.

  1. No or low Wifi connection.
  2. The ring Doorbell is faulty.
  3. Low voltage supply (It requires 16v AC supply).
  4. Recent software update.
  5. Freezing during any live event.
  6. Due to the night vision feature.

Ring Doorbell Not Charging

Check Device Health

To know the reason why Doorbell is not charging and start the troubleshooting process you should do this simple test. First of all Open the Ring App on your mobile and Go to the Settings Option. Now, Click on Device Health if the result shows VERY GOOD or GOOD then there is no voltage problem.

Also, check whether your device is getting a sufficient even power supply as the Ring Doorbell gets 16+ Volts to work properly. In such a case, if your Device health is very good or good and then your device is not charging then I would recommend you contact Customer Care. If your Ring Doorbell is found faulty then they would replace it!

But, if it is showing VERY POOR or POOR and the device are not charging then you can go through Ring Doorbell Not Charging (Troubleshoot Guide)!

By doing this you will get a rough idea of what’s wrong with the batteries and will help you analyze the problem quicker. So, always check for the health status of your device whenever you face any kind of problem with it.

Look at Your WiFi Connection

When you charge your Ring Doorbell if it is charging appropriately it will show a light blue light on the ring. If this blue light isn’t showing on the circle of the Ring Bell there’s a problem of charging!

Make sure that you are connected to strong and stable wifi after charging your doorbell. You can check this by going to the Ring App and ensure to set up Wifi with your device.

If the connection of WiFi is weak it will drain the batteries of the Bell even faster as it tries to continuously keep a stable connection. The best thing to do is replace your WiFi router with a new router. Check out this Tp-link WiFi Router from Amazon.

Recent Firmware Update

Also, make sure to check whether the latest firmware update is causing any kind of issue. If so try uninstalling the recent update and your Ring Doorbell will work fine.

Check for any loose or misplaced wires as they can ruin your video quality and also cause the night vision feature to cause problems. This will also result in draining your battery quicker as the camera will work hard to capture footage.

Choosing Appropriate Ring Doorbell to Hardwire

Ring Video Doorbell

Choosing the right Doorbell is the key to keep burglars away and protect your loved ones. These are my recommendations of Ring Doorbell which are quite good.

  1. Ring Video DoorBell– This is the first edition of Ring Doorbell which is most used and has a rechargeable battery. This Ring Video Doorbell can be Hardwired.
  2. Ring Video DoorBell 2– This Ring Video DoorBell 2 is the most popular and is the first choice of many. It also is rechargeable and can be Hardwired.
  3. Ring Video Doorbell 3– Recently, Ring came up with an updated version of Ring doorbell 2. It has a rechargeable battery pack and is decently priced.
  4. Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus– Along with Ring video doorbell 3, Ring also launched ring doorbell 3 plus. The plus variant has dual-band WiFi and better motion detection.
  5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro– This Pro version of Ring Video Doorbell can only be hardwired to your existing Doorbell wires!
  6. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2– There is not much difference between Ring doorbell pro and pro 2. With Ring doorbell pro 2 you could hardwire or battery operates the device, unlike its previous version.
  7. Ring Video Doorbell Elite– For properly installing this Doorbell you would require professional installation as you need to connect it with an ethernet cable. You need to connect your Ethernet wires from your Internet Modem to the front doors and I would recommend calling a professional to do so.

How to Solve Doorbell Power Problem

The best way to resolve your Doorbell Power problem is by bypassing your doorbell with Pro Power Kit V2. But, if you find it difficult to do on your own you can always ask for help by contacting Ring Doorbell Customer Support. 

If your device is found to be faulty they would replace it and send a brand new Ring Doorbell to your doorsteps!

Bypassing the Ring Doorbell (Using Pro Power Kit V2)

Initially before bypassing the Ring Doorbell make sure to switch off the power supply. Open the outer covering of the Doorbell and remove both the screws. Using a screwdriver remove the front as well as the trans screws and also remove old power kit wires.

Now, you would need a Pro Power Kit V2 if you haven’t got one you can get it from here. First of all, remove the protective seals after opening your brand new Pro Power Kit.

Then, Doorbell wires are needed to be inserted in the two holes which will bypass the holes. After putting the wires from the Doorbell in these two holes they will automatically get locked.

Ring Video Doorbell

Now, put back the outer covering of the Doorbell as it was before and also turn on the power supply. After that go to the Ring App on your mobile and go to settings and select device type to NONE.

Finally, by doing this you have successfully bypassed your Ring Doorbell on your own. But, even after doing this, your Ring Doorbell doesn’t work properly then you must change your Ring Doorbell transformer. I had faced the same issue after bypassing and changing the transformer did work for me.

Replacing Transformer Kit

First of all, you need to buy a transformer which is compatible with Ring Doorbell with 16 volts Ac. If you don’t have one you can get it from Amazon from here.

Installing a Ring Doorbell transformer is not that tough but you need to take care as you are dealing with electricity. Even a small mistake here and there can give you a major shock.

So, before starting the installation process make sure to turn of the power supply. Find your transformer in the house and usually it is located behind the doorbell chime or close to the electric box.

Remove all the wires that are joined to the Doorbell transformer and turn off the power supply if you haven’t yet done so. Also, remove the two wires that are connected to the transformer.

Replace the old Ring Doorbell transformer with the new one and connect the wires as they were before. If you don’t remember the old connections you can refer to this video which will make your task simpler.

Hurrah! You have successfully replaced your transformer and it’s time to turn the power supply on. After turning on the power supply head straight to the Ring App and check the health status of your device. If the status is GOOD or Very GOOD you have successfully installed the Ring Doorbell Transformer.



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