How to Share Ring with Family Members? (Solved)

Many people are moving to smart devices and day by day they are getting more popular. Ring doorbells are one of the best smart devices out there which not only protects your home but also your loved ones.

I like its functionality and no doubt it is the best smart device that I own. It provides me with next-level security and safety as well as gives me a sense of privacy. But, before purchasing it I had a question about whether a ring doorbell can be connected to multiple devices?

After researching a bit I came to know that Ring doorbells can be connected to more than one device. There are two methods through which you can connect the ring doorbell to multiple devices. Either you use the same credentials to log in to multiple devices or use the ‘Shared User’ function in the Ring App.

Don’t worry it is fairly easy and I will guide you through how to do that. You can use both methods but they have some differences which I have briefed below!

Can we connect the Ring doorbell to multiple devices?

Yes, as said earlier we can connect Ring to multiple devices but there are some restrictions. In the Ring app, there is the feature of the shared user from which you can connect other devices with just one click. However, the other devices connected can only look at the videos but cannot tweak any settings.

The new devices added cannot delete the videos but can see them. Adding new devices on the Ring App is pretty simple. First of all, you need to download the Ring App on the phone from Playstore (for Android) or Appstore (for iOS).

After installing it successfully on your device head to the Ring Doorbell icon and click it. After that select, the Shared User option and under that select Add new user.

To add a new user you would need to know the email ID of that person. Then, just put the Email address of the person with whom you want to share the ring device and click OK. But, directly the new user will not be added. You will see the email ID of the new user under the Shared User option but it needs to be verified.

How To Change Owner of Ring Video Doorbell

There will be a verification invitation link to that email address. After clicking on the link you will head to a page and you will need to create a Ring account by putting in details like Username and Password.

Later, you can install the Ring app and log in to the App using the same credentials. Now, successfully you have given access of your Ring Doorbell device to that particular user.

But, not all the features are available for the newly added devices. They can answer the call when someone presses the button at the door and also view the previous recordings. Also, they can save videos, use ring plus features, and tweak the notification settings.

However, they can never change the password, delete/add user, delete existing recorded videos, and change the device name. All the major security settings and motion settings can only be changed by the original user.

The very essential feature to add multiple devices doesn’t have any limit and you can add as many devices as you want. So, you don’t need to worry if you live in a big family or have many devices at your home.

I like the limitation of the new users as I have kids at my home and they cannot change the settings or delete videos but can receive a call when someone is at the door.

Connecting Multiple devices to the same account

Yes, you can connect more than one device to a single account so that you have full control of the settings. I  use two mobile phones, one is android and the other one is an apple.

Logging in to the same account from both devices helps me to access all the functions from any device. It is fairly easy to do this.

You just need to add the same credentials to the other device and simply log in. If you want to give access of your account to any other family member you can do it also.

My friend’s wife has access of his account and she has logged in to the App through his credentials. This allows her to tweak the settings and gives full control of the device even if my friend is in his office.

This works the same as sharing your Netflix or Amazon Prime account with two or more users. They can do everything which you can do such as changing the name of the device, sharing users, tweak settings, and also delete videos.

Giving your credentials to another person means they can do whatever they want to do. So, only give access to trusted people and use the share user feature if you are not sure.

Not only they can make changes to the ring doorbell but if you have any other ring device they can make changes to them as well. This is because the Ring app is common for all ring smart devices.

This can be pretty dangerous if you have given access to more than one device you cannot even identify who has made the changes. I would suggest using the shared user feature for your children as they may change something here and there mistakenly.

What kind of devices can be connected to Ring Doorbell?


As Alexa and Ring both are products of the same company Amazon they are compatible with each other. However, not all of the Alexa devices are not compatible with Ring.

Devices such as Alexa Spot, Alexa Fire TV, and Alexa Show are very easily integrated with the Ring doorbell. Amazon Dot and Echo are not compatible with Ring as they only audio devices whereas the Ring works only with video devices.

Connecting Alexa with Ring is very easy. Simply you need to open the Alexa App and enable the Ring Video Doorbell feature on the Amazon Alexa device. After that log in to the Ring account using Username and Password.

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Later enable Alexa to discover devices and it will show all the devices which can be connected to it. If by chance the Alexa doesn’t ask you to discover devices then you need to head back to the home screen of the Alexa app.

Then, click the ‘Smart Home’ function in your menu and under that click ‘Add Devices’. Now, your doorbell will show up if it didn’t show up initially.

Now, you have successfully connected your Amazon Alexa with Ring doorbell and to see the live stream you simply have to say ‘Alexa, Show Me ___ (name of your ring doorbell device). And, by saying this you can live stream your Ring doorbell.

You can see the live view without even touching any device once you have done the integration procedure. You can connect multiple devices easily but the thing is that they should be compatible with the Ring doorbell.

Smart TV

Not all smart TVs can connect with a Ring doorbell but some can be connected pretty easily. The original version of the ring doorbell, unfortunately, cannot connect with any sort of smart TV.

However, Google smart TV can be connected to all other versions of Ring doorbell devices. Similarly, Amazon Fire TV can also be connected to Ring doorbell versions except for the original one.

So, if you still haven’t purchased any Ring doorbell I would suggest buying Ring doorbell Pro as it is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs as well. Not only this any other smart TV of other companies can also be connected to Ring doorbell as long as they can download the Ring app.

This feature I like the most to use and even sitting on my crouch I’m able to watch what’s happening in my surroundings.

Google Home Assistant

Recently, Ring doorbells are also able to connect with Google home devices. But, not all Google home devices can be connected only those which have video capabilities can be connected successfully.

Google Chromecast smart Tv is compatible with ring doorbells and you can see the live preview of doorbells just like in the case of Alexa. For setting it up, you first need to head to the Google Home app and select the + icon and then select the ‘Add Device’ option.

Ring Video Doorbell

“Have something Already Setup?” this is the option which you will see over there select Ring Doorbell option from the list. Later, log in to your Ring account using appropriate credentials.

Then, you will be asked to give access of the Ring doorbell to Google Home. Select Yes and our integration process is done and you can use it flawlessly. However, some people find it difficult to set up Ring doorbells and many also have complained about it.

Google has made their devices compatible with Ring very recently and they are still working on it. However, google devices work very well with the Google Nest but not with Amazon Ring. This could be since both of these devices are a competitor in the same market.

Phones and Tablets

It is quite obvious that phones can be connected to Ring Doorbells but let’s see what kind of phones can be connected.

All kinds of mobile phones can be connected to Ring doorbells may it Android, iOS, or Windows until and unless the ring app can be installed on it.

All smartphones can be connected to it but not the super old phones which are not smart. Any phone on which the Ring App can be installed will connect to the doorbell.

You can even share users may it be Android, Windows, or Apple phone. So, you don’t need to worry about connecting the Ring doorbell to your phone if you own a smartphone that has enough memory to install the Ring App.

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If phones can be connected it is very obvious tablets can also be connected to the Ring app. The only difference between phone and tablet is the screen size and both have almost the same functionality.

I like to use the tablet more than the phone when I am at home. If you use an android tablet you can download the Ring app from the play store but if you use an iPad you can download the Ring app from Appstore.

I use the tablet to watch live previews and recordings at my home as I can see what’s happening on the big screen. Simply by downloading the Ring App and logging in with your credentials, you can see the live preview easily.

So, all these are the devices that can connect with the Ring doorbell. You can connect as many devices as you want until and unless they are compatible.



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