Ring Video Doorbell Rings by Itself (Solved 100%)

It has happened numerous times with me that I hear the doorbell and open the door but nobody is at the door. Last week the same thing happened to me that too at 2 am and I was freaked out! Was it the burglars? Or was it a ghost?

But, the next morning the same thing happened and I got to know that this dumb doorbell rang by itself. I did detailed research to find out whether I was pranked or does this doorbell ring by itself?

The quick answer to this is that sometimes the doorbell rings by itself due to some sensor issues. May it be wired or wireless the doorbell rings by itself majorly due to sensor contact. There have been cases where the wireless doorbell has rung because of changing signal frequencies.

But, you don’t need to worry as I have written a well-researched and detailed blog on how to fix this issue. Whenever the doorbell rings I rush to the door pausing the work which I am performing and seeing nobody at the door makes me frustrated, which is very obvious.

Ring Video Doorbell

If this thing happens to you quite often it might also be that someone is pranking you and it could be the mischievous boys from your surroundings. To find out whether your doorbell is working improperly or is it the neighbor who is ringing it keep reading further.

Why Does Ring Doorbell Rings by Itself?

As said earlier the doorbell rings due to many reasons such as sensor problems, wiring issues, or changing frequencies. If the doorbell is wired then it can ring by on its own as it has some wiring issues or if it is not installed properly.

Like every electronic device, the doorbell also has a life span and after using it for a long time it starts wearing and tearing. Also, the wiring connections may get misplaced and you need to check if all the wires are in their places.

The doorbell requires maintenance which is ignored by all of us and we don’t even look at it until and unless it causes any issues. If someone is not pranking you there are only two major reasons for the doorbell to ring on its own.

Sticking buttons and wire shots are the only reasons for a wired doorbell but for wireless doorbells sometimes frequency crashes can also be a reason.

Changing frequencies

Like wired doorbells sometimes wireless doorbells can also have a problem. Wired doorbells have the threat of being wire short whereas wireless has the issue of frequency.

Sometimes, wireless doorbells have the problem of sticking buttons which can be easily solved within minutes. When compared to wired doorbells, wireless doorbells need very little maintenance and you don’t need to worry about wires anymore.

Ring Video Doorbell

To solve the problem caused by the frequency at first you need to know how wireless doorbells work. In this case, you don’t have wires connected so how the doorbell knows when to ring? It’s pretty simple.

The doorbell button functions as a transmitter and whenever someone presses the button it sends signals. Later, this signal is caught by the receiver and the bell rings. The receiver and doorbells are connected by frequency.

But, the problem is there are many wireless devices and frequencies nearby. If the receiver receives a frequency similar to that of the transmitter it rings the doorbell.

There are many wireless devices nearby in your surroundings such as neighbor’s doorbell, garage door buttons, neighbor’s wireless buttons, and much more. But, how to fix this issue? It is nearly impossible to find out which wireless device in your surroundings is causing the issue.

The quick and easy fix to it is just changing the frequency of the doorbell. If it is a wireless doorbell it will have an app available on the internet. For all the Ring doorbells there is a Ring app from where you can change all the settings, frequency, and private codes.

But, if your doorbell isn’t that advance then simply go to its official website and search for your version, and head to the FAQs section. Over there you will get to know how to change the frequency or private code of your device.

Only some types of frequency are legal to use for the consumer and you can check that on their official site. Some companies have a privacy code that allows you to change frequency. The privacy code allows you to change the frequency with the help of a switch. There is a switch or a controller located on the receiver or transmitter from where you can change the frequency of the device.

If your issue still doesn’t solve try to change the frequency a couple of times because sometimes the frequency you chose is similar to that of another wireless device.

Fixing a sticking button

A sticking button is a very common problem among doorbells and to make it alright you only need to pull the button. This will make sure that the button doesn’t come in contact with the sensor and the bell works properly.

This problem of ringing on its own happens because the button is not popping back to its original place and is in contact with the sensor. Fixing it is easy you just need to put the button to its original place but if it is happening very often then doing maintenance is required.

For maintaining the proper functionality of the doorbell you don’t need much equipment. You just need a screwdriver and it will do the work for you. With the help of the screwdriver properly unscrew the doorbell and keep the screws securely in a proper place.

Now, clean the doorbell from the front and inside properly as it may have a lot of dust and mud sticking on it as it is regularly exposed to harsh climate. Rain, storms, and winds result in the penetration of dust and mud into the doorbell and you must clean it for it to function properly.

I would suggest you spray some WD-40 to ensure that the doorbell doesn’t stick to the sensor again. Also, the WD-40 spray helps the doorbell to remain clean and all the dust is removed properly. Get WD-40 Multi-Use Spray from Amazon!

Also, many insects and bugs may build their nest in the doorbell which may lead to improper functionality. Cleaning and maintaining your doorbell is necessary to increase its durability and longevity.

Wire Short- Ring Doorbell Rings by Itself

Another strong reason why your doorbell is ringing may be due to wire short. It is a prevalent issue, and I also have faced it once. Fixing a wire short is a very easy and simple procedure.

Ring Video Doorbell

Again, for checking the wire short, you would need a screwdriver, and I will remind you again to keep the screws safely in place. Initially, unscrew the doorbell and clean the mud and dust if any. Then, remove the doorbell so that inner wires are visible to you.

Then, look for any wires coming out or wire short. If any wire is disconnected or broken simply use electrical tape to join it again. After unscrewing if you see that wires are rusted and getting old you can replace them with new wires but if your doorbell itself has not been replaced consider replacing it. You may get the latest Ring doorbell 4 which is recently launched which has excellent features from amazon here!

Mostly the reason for doorbell ringing on its own by wire-short because if it was any other reason the doorbell would have completely stopped working instead of ringing frequently.

But, if your ring doorbell is still giving you trouble then buy a brand new one or contact customer support. They would look into the issue and if the doorbell is faulty they will send a new one to your house! The customer care number for the United States is 1-800-656-1918 but if you are from another country click here to know the number. I hope that this will solve your problem of Ring doorbell rings by itself.



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