Top 3 Smart Locks Compatible with Ring Doorbell & Ring Alarm

You might not be able to find the Ring smart lock, as they don’t make smart locks. However, you can find various smart locks that are compatible with Ring.

When you connect the Ring with your smart lock, you can unlock and lock your smart lock directly with the Ring app. 

This feature is very convenient. You can simply lock or unlock your smart lock while you’re streaming the live video from the Ring doorbell. Plus, you can even manage your lock with the Ring App.


Smart Locks That Are Compatible With The Ring

Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage make the most desirable smart locks. These locks even support the Ring interface.

The most suitable smart locks made by Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage, that support the Ring interface are:

  • Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL along with Z-Wave Plus (Supports Ring Alarm interface)
  • Kwikset SmartCode 914 SmartLock with Keypad Z-Wave Deadbolt (Supports Ring Alarm Interface)
  • Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt (Supports Ring Doorbell interface)
  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Enabled Z-Wave Plus (Supports Ring Alarm interface)

Is August Lock Compatible With Ring?

For now, August smart locks don’t support Ring Alarm or Ring Doorbell interface. Though, Ring has earlier said that Ring and August would combine in near future.

Most Suitable Smart Lock That Is Compatible With Ring

Here’s a table for you that includes the most suitable smart locks to integrate with your Ring.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Make note of the fact that the Ring Alarm is compatible with every Z-Wave door lock that is listed below. Still, if you don’t have a Ring Alarm, then you can only pair up your Ring Doorbell with your Wi-Fi door lock with the help of Amazon Key.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt With Enable Z-Wave PlusRing Doorbell With Schlage Lock

Integration- Enabled Z-Wave Plus with the help of Ring Alarm

Access- Keypad or touchscreen

Alexa- You can lock, unlock or even check lock status with voice control

Schlage manufactures the most secure smart locks available in the market. In terms of certification, Schlage is the only manufacturer of smart locks to get a Grade 1 certified rating of BHMA/ANSI. This is the topmost household rating that could be given to a deadbolt. Its locks are also compatible with the Ring.

Plus, the smart locks by Schlage Connect also come with an in-built alarm. You can set the alarm to warn you with alerts when your door is closed or open. If the smart locks sense excessive door vibration or tampering, then they can even alert you with the emergency alarm. This is very helpful in case when someone is trying to break in.

For the outdoor keypad, the smart lock uses a fingerprint-resistant display or touchscreen. This way, the touchscreen mustn’t show the fingerprints on the key that you’ve pressed. The display is a pressure-sensitive resistive touchscreen, so it will function even when you’re wearing gloves.

Once you’ve connected the Schlage lock with your Ring Alarm, you can manage the smart lock with the Ring App. You can unlock or lock the lock, control and create access keys, check battery level and even see usage history with the Ring App.

As the smart lock is paired up with the Ring alarm, you can even connect alarm actions with your door lock. For instance, you can arm the Ring Alarm and lock the door at the same time. You can even alert the Ring Alarm to disarm if a person unlocks the door with the pin code. This simply makes the complete Ring Alarm system much better.

Plus, you can even manage your Schlage smart lock with Alexa. Just with a voice command, you can unlock, lock or even know the status of your lock. All you’ve to do is ask, “Alexa, is the front door unlocked?”

All in all, the smart Deadbolt by Schlage Connect is one of the safest smart locks you can get for the Ring Alarm. This is a certified gadget by Ring for a smooth connection with the Ring Alarm. So, if you prefer protection for your door lock, then this is the one for you.

Ring Doorbell With Kwikset Lock

Kwikset SmartCode 314 Smart Lock Z-Wave Deadbolt and Keypad

Connection- Z-Wave Plus with the help of Rind Alarm

Access- Key or Keypad

Alexa- You can unlock, lock and check the status of the lock through the voice control

Well, Kwikset is also a popular manufacturer of smart locks. The SmartKey provided by the Kwikset lets you rekey your smart lock to suit the existing Kwikset smart locks that are installed at your place. So, if you prefer keeping the one house key for all the locks at your place, then the Kwikset is the one for you.

The SmartCode 914 deadbolt by Kwikset works with the 10 digit keypad to get access to your place. As this 10-digit keypad has physical keys, it gets a lot easier to use it, if you usually wear gloves. In comparison to a touchscreen display, the keypad is a lot more trustworthy. The keypad has backlit buttons, so it is easier for you to see the digits even in dark.

Once you’ve connected the Kwikset smart lock with your Ring Alarm using the Z-Wave, you can easily control it with the help of the Ring app, like the other smart locks. With the Ring app, you can manage review usage history, the lock, and even the access codes. The Kwikset lets you make around 30 different access codes within your Ring Alarm.

The smart 914 Smart Lock by Kwikset is grade 2 certified by ANSI/BHMA. Well, this isn’t as great as the smart lock by Schlage, however, it is still a desirable and popular smart lock in comparison to the other locks. In comparison to the Kwikset 888 Smart Lock, the Kwikset 914 Smart Lock is recommended as it is grade 2 certified. Whereas the former is grade 3 certified.

The Kwikset smart locks have improved the vulnerabilities they spotted in the older version. These smart locks are built to prevent bumping, picking, and other ways to open the lock with force.

If you already have a Kwikset lock in your place, then it’s a great choice. You can also use the Kwikset SmartKey for your smart locks while using your existing house keys. Plus, in comparison to the other smart locks with touchscreen displays, this smart lock with a keypad is much easier and user-friendly.

Ring Doorbell With Yale Lock

Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL Along With Z-Wave Plus

Connection – Z-Wave Plus with the help of Ring Alarm

Access – Touchscreen Keypad ( No physical keypad)

Alexa- You can check the status of the lock, unlock or lock it with voice control

Yale manufactures some desirable smart locks. Plus, the Yale Assure Locks are the best-looking smart locks present in the market. It has a great minimal and modern design for a smart place.

The smart lock by Yale has a Touchscreen keypad and display to unlock your main door. As it has a backlight, you can even use it in the dark. The touchscreen shows 10 numbers, and you can even lock your door by touching 3 fingers on the display at the same time.

Well, a rare feature of the Smart locks by Yale is that it doesn’t come with a key. You can open it only with the digital keypad. This modern approach fits with the modern look of this smart lock. Isn’t it cool? Once you get a smart lock, you don’t have to use the key ever again.

Well, don’t worry about not having a key. It is a great security feature as well. If you don’t have a key, then an intruder won’t be able to force open your lock.

This lock by Yale is Grade 2 certified by BHMA/ANSI. Yes, it isn’t as good as Schlage, however, grade 2 certification is still better in comparison to most of the residential locks. You can trust your front door with this lock.

Once you’ve connected your Yale Assure Lock with the Ring Alarm, you can simply manage it with the help of the Ring App. You can make around 250 access codes for the Yale Lock! You can also unlock/lock your smart lock with the Ring App, just like the other locks. Plus, you can even make monitor usage of the codes and new codes in your Ring App.

The Smart Lock by Yale comes with 4 AA batteries. Plus, it also has a 9-volt connector. This is for the time when you can’t unlock the lock as the battery has died. As this lock doesn’t come with a physical keypad like other smart locks, so this is important.

All in all, if you prefer a sleek – modern look for your place, then the Yale Real Living Assure Lock is the one for you. It is also graded higher in comparison to the other residential locks. Plus, no one can pick this lock, as it is key-free.

Most Suitable Door Locks For Your Ring Doorbell

If you want to pair up your Ring Doorbell with your Smart lock without using the Ring Alarm, then there’s only one way.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Connection- Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)

Access- Key or Keypad

Alexa- You can get the status of the lock, unlock or lock it with a voice control

If you simply prefer locking or unlocking your door right from your Ring App, then the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is the one for you. This smart lock connects with your Ring app using Wi-Fi. You don’t have to have any smart home hub like Ring Alarm to connect it.

This smart lock by Schlage has a fingerprint-resistant capacitive touchscreen display, which is just like a smartphone, to access the lock codes. The displayed keys are lighted, that way it gets easier for you to see the keys in dark. As it uses a capacitive touchscreen display, you can’t unlock it while wearing gloves. This is a drawback of this smart lock.

You have to set up this lock with your Amazon Key App if you want to use it with the Ring. The above-mentioned amazon App lets you connect your Ring Doorbell with the Ring App. You can even make and control around 100 user codes in this particular app. 

Once you’ve set up everything, then you can unlock or lock the Schlage smart lock either through the Ring App while you’re streaming the doorbell video or with the Amazon Key App.

This is a very safe deadbolt. It is Grade 1 certified by BHMA/ANSI. It is the highest-rated certification for residential locks. It comes with an in-built alarm for sensory notifications for your doorbell situations or even safety breaches. This indicates it’s not just a simple smart lock, you can trust your door with this competent deadlock.

All in all, the Schlage Encode smart lock is the one for you if you don’t have the Ring Alarm. You can simply connect this lock with your Ring Doorbell. Luckily, it’s a great alternative and is also one of the safest and secure smart locks available in the market.

Lock Integration Options For Ring Doorbell 

This section is made to clear your alternative for connecting the smart lock with the Ring Doorbell. You’ve two choices to connect smart locks with the Ring:

  1. Z-Wave Integration with the Ring Alarm
  2. Wi-Fi integration with the Amazon Key App

Ring Alarm Z-Wave Smart Lock Integration

The first option to connect smart locks with your Ring is through the Ring Alarm.  Several Z-Wave smart locks can be integrated with the Ring Alarm interface. Once you’ve connected it, you can manage the Z-Wave with the Ring App. You can even unlock or lock your main door while you’re streaming the live video.

Also, you can view the battery level and pin usage history of your main door lock. Plus, with the help of the Ring App, you can manage and make a lock pin access key.

The Ring Alarm with Z-Wave integration also lets you disarm or arm your alarm when your smart lock is locked. For instance, your door will unlock once you insert your access key, and the Ring Alarm will also disarm. Plus, you can even set up your Ring Alarm to alert you, once you’ve locked your door.

Z-Wave is the best way to connect the Ring Alarm with your smart locks. There are several smart locks alternatives for this, and it’s the most trustworthy and secure connection.

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Amazon Key App With Wi-Fi Smart Lock Integration

The second method to connect Ring with the smart lock is with the help of the Amazon Key App. With this app, you can pair up your Ring doorbell with the Wi-Fi smart lock. This app lets you make and control lock PINs and codes to use with your Wi-Fi smart lock. 

Once you’ve connected it, you can unlock or lock your smart lock right from your Ring App. For instance, you can unlock or lock your main door while watching the live streaming from your door through the lock option visible on the screen.

So, if you don’t own a Ring Alarm, then this is the only alternative to connect your smart lock with the Ring Doorbell. All you have to have is a stable and strong Wi-Fi network, and you’re good to go.

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Yes, it is worth it!

Integrating your Ring Alarm or Ring Doorbell with your smart lock is convenient and takes your smart home to a next level. 

If you can, then it is recommended to integrate the smart locks with the Ring Alarm. As it’s a great and surprisingly affordable solution, particularly in the case where you already own a Ring Doorbell.


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