Why is my Nest Camera blinking? (100% Solved)

Most probably you’re here because you’ve been facing some issue with your Nest Camera. You might know what different colors of LED blinking indicate along with the different chimes. 

The question arises, as to Why is your Nest camera is blinking? Your Nest camera could be flickering in any color such as Blue, Yellow, Green, or Red. However, all these lights indicate the state of your Nest camera.

Nest cameras are always an ideal pick. However, certain things regarding its light indicate that you should know. For example, if your camera is flashing Green Light, then it indicates that it is working fine and you can also play videos.

In this read, we’ll dig into more depth to understand what these colorful lights mean.

What Does It Indicate When Your Nest Camera Flashes Different Lights?

If you’re a Nest camera user, then you might’ve noticed that all its product whether it is outdoor or indoor, arrives with a LED light. This LED light is placed above the lens of your camera.

The flickering color of this light can indicate if the camera has faced some issues or is it working fine.

To understand these light indications clearly, let’s discuss what they exactly mean.

Why is my Nest Camera blinking?

When Your Nest Camera Is Flashing Firm Green Light

If your Nest camera is blinking green light, then don’t worry, green light usually indicates that your camera is working well and there’s nothing wrong with it.

So, if you’re getting a green light, then remember that everything is fine with your Nest camera and it is properly connected to your internet. Also, you can stream the live video.

When Your Nest Camera Is Flashing Blue Light

There are a total of four reasons if your Nest camera is blinking a Blue light. However, all of them can be easily fixed and understood. The first reason behind your Nest Camera flashing a blue light could be because of the newest firmware update.  

Once you’re done with the firmware update of your Nest camera, the blue light starts blinking. However, you can also get this light if your Nest camera works following a power cut.

Another reason could be that your Nest camera is on a halt to be added to the user account, hence showing a blue light.

It usually arises when you restart or boot up your Next doorbell.

When Your Nest Camera Is Flashing A Constant Red Light

If your Nest camera is flashing a continuous red light, then you should worry about it. A solid red light indicates that there are some issues with your Nest camera and it is not working fine. So, it is always best to call Nest support to help you with further troubleshooting

When Your Nest Camera Is Blinking Green Light

If your Nest Camera is pulsing a Greenlight, then it indicates that either you or your family members have connected to Alexa or Google Hub. It might also indicate that they’re streaming video on the Nest app.

Though, if you are playing video on the Nest app with your phone’s internet, then the green light won’t flicker.

Why is my Nest Camera blinking?

Why Your Nest Camera’s Light is inactive?

There are probably two reasons behind no lights blinking on your Nest camera. Either your camera is not getting any power or it is off. 

The lights usually go off when your Nest camera stops streaming video or recording videos. Not only that, even you can turn off the light manually. If not then, you can also schedule it.

However, your camera isn’t showing any light because it might be disconnected. For that, check your power cable.

Reasons Behind Blinking Lights Of Nest Cam IQ

In total, Nest Cam IQ includes two lights, these are located at different places. One of them is a small light, it indicates the state of Nest Cam IQ. Another one is the large light of the ring structure, which is located near the lens.

The blinking of various light patterns and colors can indicate what’s different with your Nest Cam IQ.

Status Light

The Solid Green Light

It indicates that your Nest Cam IQ is working properly, is on, and everything is fine. It could also indicate that it is playing video.

Slow Blinking Green Light

It indicates that someone is playing the live video feed either through the Nest app or through third-party options like Alexa or Google Hub. However, if you’re watching a video on the Nest App which is connected to your phone data, then the green light will not flicker.

Ring Light Near The Camera’s Lens

When your Nest IQ Camera is blinking a slow blue light, then it indicates that your camera is available to be connected to your Nest App.

However, if it blinks a yellow ring light five continuous times, then it indicates that your Nest Cam is facing a problem connecting. Usually, this light is seen during the initial setup. You should go through the troubleshooting guide if you are receiving additional error messages as well.

If your Nest Camera is blinking red light, then it indicates that your Nest cam doesn’t have or isn’t getting adequate power to function. In this case, look over your power outlet and plug it, into a separate power source with high power.

Reason Behind Your Nest Cam IQ Showing No Ring or Status Light

If you’re not noticing any light in the ring or status in your camera, then there are three things that you should consider. There could be three reasons if your camera isn’t showing any light.

Firstly, it could be not receiving enough power. Secondly, your camera might be switched off. Or, thirdly, the status light of your camera might be turned off.

The reason behind your camera not receiving enough power could be that either the power source isn’t providing adequate power or the wire has been detached. Also, if your Nest Camera is turned off, you won’t notice any light, as it isn’t playing any video.

It is also possible that your Nest Camera is running properly but someone might have turned off the status light using the Nest app.

Why is my Nest Camera blinking?

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How Can Your Edit Sound Setting And Camera Light In Your Nest Camera?

Modifying the camera’s light brightness

You can easily change or modify your Nest Camera’s light brightness. If you want to change the brightness, then open the Nest app, and tap on the “setting”, on the home screen. Now, choose the status light of your preference, whether it is Auto, low or high.

Turning Listen and Talk Sound Off and On

Usually, the chiming music for listening and talking is beneficial as it lets know when a person is about to speak. But if you want to turn it off, then you’ve to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Nest app, then click on “Settings”.
  • Now, choose the listen and talk tone, then turn the tone Off or On, as per your preference.

Though, Google has developed an update to its Drop cams, Nest Hello, and even Nest cameras. Through this update, the users cannot turn off the status light present on these devices.

Many users find this update annoying but Google, it says, that is just continuing with its “commitment to privacy” system.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can you interact through your Nest camera?

Yes, of course, you can interact through your Nest camera.

But make sure that your listen and talk setting is turned on. If you want to interact through the Nest cam, open your Nest app, then select the camera you desire to interact through.

Now, just click on the “Talk” button and the person on the opposite side can easily listen to your voice.

I hope this read was beneficial for you and it helped you with fixing the problem your Nest cam was facing!


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