YouTube TV Not Working On Samsung TV [3-Second FIX]

Samsung TVs are renowned for their extensive support of a wide variety of popular streaming applications, including YouTube TV.

This feature facilitates direct access to your preferred television shows and movies from your TV screen, delivering a seamless and convenient entertainment encounter. Nonetheless, encountering the abrupt malfunctioning of the YouTube TV app on your Samsung TV can be exceedingly exasperating.

If you find yourself grappling with this situation, rest assured that you’re not alone, and there exist several established remedies that can effectively reinstate the proper functioning of the app.

Within this article, we present a comprehensive guide delineating the steps to take in the event that YouTube TV ceases to function as expected on your Samsung TV. Our aim is to enable you to swiftly address the issue and resume your streaming activities without unnecessary delays.

Feel free to read on to discover the detailed solutions to address this concern and restore your streaming experience.

Facing YouTube TV issues on Samsung TV? Try unplugging TV, checking server outage, reinstalling app, resetting Smart Hub, Wi-Fi router, verifying speed, updating TV software, factory reset, and checking other reasons.

Troubleshooting: Youtube TV Not Working on Samsung TV

How to Stop YouTube TV Buffering

Disconnecting the Samsung TV

A straightforward and efficacious remedy for addressing the issue of YouTube TV malfunction is to unplug your Samsung TV from the electrical outlet.

Allow a complete minute to elapse after detaching the TV’s power cord, and subsequently locate the power button situated on the TV itself. Press and hold the power button for a duration of 30 seconds to discharge any residual power and facilitate a reset of the TV.

Upon reconnecting the TV to its power source, power it on and assess whether YouTube TV is functioning properly once more. Should this not yield the desired result, endeavor to implement some of the supplementary solutions outlined below.

Verifying YouTube TV Server Outage

Should the problem of YouTube TV persist on your Samsung TV, it is imperative to verify whether the YouTube TV servers are experiencing downtime. While this is a relatively infrequent occurrence, it is prudent to cross-check on alternate devices such as smartphones or laptops to ascertain if the issue extends beyond your TV. In the event of server downtime, your only recourse is to await their restoration.

Monitor the official social media accounts of YouTube TV or consult platforms like Downdetector for pertinent updates. In the absence of server downtime, proceed to the subsequent troubleshooting steps.

Attempting a Reinstallation of the YouTube TV App In the event that none of the prior remedies have yielded success, consider reinstalling the YouTube TV application on your Samsung TV. To execute this, navigate to the Samsung TV’s Home screen, access the Apps section, and locate the YouTube TV app.

Within the upper right corner of the app interface, select the icon denoting Settings. Proceed to choose the YouTube TV app and opt for the “Delete” function. Repeat this process to ensure the comprehensive removal of the app. Subsequently, power off and then power on your Samsung TV. Following this, revisit the Apps section and proceed with the reinstallation of the YouTube TV app.

Promptly verify the efficacy of this solution by playing a selection of videos to ascertain if the issue has been rectified. Should the app persist in buffering and loading sluggishly, consider exploring the remaining solutions.

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Resetting the Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart Hub serves as an application repository for your TV, customizable to your preferences. Executing a reset of the Smart Hub entails the erasure of all account data and the restoration of settings to their original factory defaults. To initiate a Smart Hub reset, commence by pressing the “Settings” button on your remote control.

In instances where your remote lacks a dedicated “Settings” button, you may substitute this action by pressing the “Menu” button. Proceed by navigating to the “Support” section and selecting “Self Diagnosis.”

Within this menu, you will encounter the option labeled “Reset Smart Hub.” Input the TV’s default PIN, typically “0000” unless previously modified, to finalize the reset process. Subsequent to the Smart Hub reset, it will be necessary to reinstall and subsequently log in to regain access to YouTube TV.

Resetting the Wi-Fi Router

If your Wi-Fi router is experiencing functionality issues, it can lead to disruptions with YouTube TV on your Samsung TV.

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To confirm that the router is the source of the problem, assess whether other Wi-Fi-connected devices within your home, such as smartphones, can establish internet connections.

If these other devices are also unable to connect, it’s likely that the router is causing the complication. To address this, simply disconnect the router from its power source for a few minutes, and then reconnect it.

Allow a brief period for the router to fully reset. Once it is back online, this action should resolve the connectivity problems between your Samsung TV and YouTube TV.

Should the issue persist, consider reaching out to your internet service provider’s customer service hotline for further assistance.

Verify Internet Speed

A sluggish internet connection can impede your Samsung TV’s capacity to stream video content. It is vital to examine your internet speed and confirm that it meets the recommended minimum range of 25-50 Mbps.

To perform this check, initiate an internet speed test and pay specific attention to the download speed, as streaming entails a downloading process.

If the download speed falls below 25-50 Mbps, the cause might be attributed to either a low-speed internet subscription or a weakened router.

Make certain that your internet subscription offers a minimum speed of 200 Mbps and contemplate upgrading your router if it is outdated or of subpar quality.

If you find yourself at a considerable distance from your router, contemplate acquiring a Wi-Fi extender to enhance the signal strength for your Samsung TV.

Update Your Samsung TV Software

To sustain optimal performance of your Samsung TV and ensure ongoing compatibility of the YouTube TV app, it is advisable to keep your TV’s software up to date.

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To execute a software update, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings menu.
  2. Choose the Support option.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. Opt for the Update Software feature.

Your TV will proceed to update automatically and will notify you upon completion.

Resetting Your Samsung TV to Factory Settings

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Reset (for older models, go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset).
  • Enter your security PIN (usually “0000” unless modified).
  • Your TV will power off and then restart, displaying the initial setup screen.
  • If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can reset it using your remote control.

Additional Reasons and Explanations

  • App Cache:
    • The YouTube TV app on your Samsung TV stores temporary data in its cache.
    • Accumulated cache can lead to slow loading, freezing, or crashing.
    • Clear the cache: access app settings, find YouTube TV app, clear cache/temporary data.
  • Samsung Server Issues:
    • Temporary problems with Samsung servers can affect YouTube TV functionality.
    • Service disruptions or app loading issues may occur.
    • Wait and retry later; check Samsung support or contact customer service.
  • Account-Related Issues:
    • YouTube TV account problems can affect performance.
    • Ensure active subscription, updated payment info, and account in good standing.
    • Payment or suspension issues can block YouTube TV access.
    • Contact YouTube TV support for help.
  • Network Restrictions:
    • Network settings or parental controls on TV can block streaming services.
    • Check network settings; adjust parental controls if needed.
  • HDMI Connection Problems:
    • HDMI connection issues between Samsung TV and external devices can disrupt YouTube TV.
    • Securely connect HDMI cable to TV and external device.
    • Try different HDMI port or cable; ensure correct input source.
  • Insufficient System Resources:
    • TV not meeting YouTube TV’s minimum system requirements can lead to issues.
    • Compare TV specs with recommended requirements.
    • Consider upgrading TV or using compatible streaming device.
  • Incompatible TV Model:
    • Older Samsung TV models might lack support or updates for YouTube TV.
    • Compatibility issues with older models; check YouTube TV support.
    • Consider alternative streaming options or upgrading to supported TV.
  • Third-Party App Interference:
    • Other apps on TV might interfere with YouTube TV, causing problems.
    • Some apps use excessive resources or conflict with network settings.
    • Close background apps or uninstall recent apps causing issues.
  • Firewall Settings:
    • TV’s firewall settings can impact YouTube TV performance.
    • Firewall might block specific connections or services.
    • Review firewall settings; ensure YouTube TV is allowed.
  • Regional Restrictions:
    • YouTube TV availability subject to regional restrictions and licensing.
    • Some areas lack access due to legal/regulatory reasons.
    • Check official YouTube TV availability; explore alternatives if not available.

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Wrapping it up

Disconnecting the Samsung TV from power and pressing the power button for a duration of 30 seconds presents a straightforward remedy to address issues with YouTube TV malfunctioning.

Verify the operational status of the YouTube TV servers; should they be experiencing downtime, exercise patience until their restoration. Attempt the reinstallation of the YouTube TV application and the resetting of the Smart Hub.

Thoroughly inspect the Wi-Fi router to ensure that your internet speed aligns with the recommended minimum of 25-50 Mbps. Perform an update of the software on your Samsung TV, and contemplate resorting to a factory reset only as a final recourse.

If none of the aforementioned solutions yield results, it is advisable to contact your internet service provider’s customer service helpline for further guidance.

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How much does YouTube TV cost per month?

The Base Plan for YouTube TV is priced at $64.99 per month. This package provides access to over 100 channels in both English and Spanish, encompassing live sports, news, and entertainment.

The Spanish Plan is available at $34.99 per month and offers TV content from 28+ Spanish channels.

What is the typical lifespan of a Samsung TV?

On average, an LED TV manufactured by Samsung is projected to have a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, equivalent to around 10 years of usage.

Are Samsung TVs considered to be of high quality?

Samsung is renowned for producing TVs of excellent quality. With a diverse array of options available, they have established themselves as a reliable choice. While their prices have risen over time, they continue to provide versatile selections that cater to a wide range of preferences. The smart features they offer, although not the absolute best, are generally regarded as quite impressive.


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