Does Echo Dot Have to Be Plugged In?

As the original Amazon Echo was a success, they’ve released numerous Echo smart speakers with different modifications and even more interesting features. For example, The Echo Dot provides users with Wi-Fi connectivity and seamless Bluetooth. However, it also has one drawback which stops it from getting picked over the other speakers. It is that the users cannot use it if it isn’t plugged in.

The Amazon Echo Dot should be always connected to a power outlet or source to operate, just like the previous models of the Amazon Echo smart speakers. The reason behind this is that it doesn’t come with an internal battery backup. Nevertheless, many third-party movable batteries support the Amazon Echo Dot.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Echo Dot and other Echo generations that need cords to operate, along with the ways you can use your Echo Dot without actually plugging them into a power source.

Should You Always Plug-In Your Echo Dot For It To Operate?

Yes, the Amazon Echo Dot comes with a cord, and it should be constantly plugged into a power outlet. That is the only way it would operate properly.

The Echo Dot doesn’t come with an internal battery, unlike the previous Amazon Tap. Thus, it is nearly impossible for Echo Dot to operate. It only works when its Micro USB port is connected with its 15-watt power adapter and a power source.

Does Echo Dot Have to Be Plugged In?

Wireless vs. Hardwired Echo Devices

Though the previous generations of Amazon Echo smart speakers relied on the cords to operate properly, the latest generations are wireless now, as they come with an internal battery backup that is easy to use and even passes for portability.

Amazon Echo Device Hardwired or Wireless
Echo 1st and 2nd Generation  Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo 3rd Generation Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo Dot (2nd and 3rd Generation) Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo Plus Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo Spot Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo Studio Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo Show Uses wire to connect to a power source.
Echo Input Portable Wireless and offers users a 4800 mAh included battery pack.

As it is provided in the above table, the Amazon Echo Input Portable is the only smart speaker model that comes with wireless features and hence doesn’t require to be plugged in for use. It comes with a fast rechargeable battery which can be charged in 3.5 hours.

Along with that, it also provides users with an endless playback time of up to 11 hours. However, right now it is not available in the US for purchase.

Do You Have To Plug In Alexa To Operate It?

As your Echo Dot works, it needs to be plugged in, the same goes for your Alexa as well. If your Alexa isn’t plugged into a power outlet then it won’t function just like the Echo Dot.

Though many third-party companies have adaptable battery packages for your Echo Dot. That means you don’t have to depend on some hardwire system to use your smart speaker.

Using Transportable Batteries With Your Echo Dot

The ultimate aim of smart technology is to make your life easier and simple, and the Echo Dot is made to serve the same purpose as well. However, users have to switch to transportable battery backs and battery bases for support. This fulfills the requirement for portability and makes it easy to use.

Nowadays, various third-party companies make numerous battery packs and batter bases for your Echo Dot and other conventional Echo devices with a cord. These transportable battery packages make it simpler for you to travel with your Echo Dot and take it wherever you travel. Your Echo Dot will not be restricted by power outlets and power adapters.

Is It Safe To Use A Transportable Battery Pack With Your Echo Dot?

Various uses of Amazon Echo Dot and other Echo gadgets have admitted on Reddit that using Echo Dot with a transportable battery pack makes it easy. Not only that, you don’t even have to bother about either looking for a power source while traveling or bringing the power cords with you.

And yes, on top of that, it is harmless to connect Echo Dot with a transportable battery package.

Does Amazon Echo have an AUX input

Compatible Battery Bases And Packs For Your Echo Dot

I’ve mentioned some reliable battery bases and packs which are compatible with Amazon Echo Dot:

This battery pack supports the 2nd as well 3rd generation of Echo Dot. Along with that, it provides nearly 8 hours of play-out time as it comes with a 5,200 mAh battery. All you’ve to do is play your Echo Dot on top of the base and hold the power button.

It is built in a way to support 3rd generation Echo Dot speakers. This battery base provides much more than a transportable battery pack. Once you’ve set it up, the i-Box plays a dominant 12-watt stereo speaker which comes with a subwoofer for extra audio quality.

It offers you a play-out time of nearly 8 hours just from one charge along with a 2-cell rechargeable battery.

It comes with a battery capacity of 7000 mAh. Also, it is a rechargeable battery base that provides you with a play-out time of 9 hours just from a charge. It also has a mini LED screen that indicates the battery percentage. All you’ve to do is connect a magnetic base under the Echo Dot speaker. This will let it fit securely on the base.

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The 2nd generation Echo Dot and 3rd generation Echo Dot offer numerous benefits and features in terms of audio quality. On top of that, Amazon has also started manufacturing wireless battery-powered devices instead of the standard smart speakers which come with a cord power connection.

Additionally, there are various third-party battery bases and packs available for your Echo Dot. This means you are provided with more standby time and sound, it doesn’t matter where you choose to plug it in. I hope with this read your portability issue of the Amazon Echo Dot is solved!



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