Ring Video Doorbell Flashing White Light! How to Fix It?

Day by day many people are installing smart devices in their homes and upgrading their lifestyles. One of the most essential and beneficial devices is Ring Video Doorbell.

It not only protects you from burglars when you are home but also allows security when you are not at home. Also, you will not miss any important home deliveries and parcels. There are numerous advantages of using a Ring Doorbell but setting up them upfront can be a little tricky!

Ever since I have bought a brand new Ring Video Doorbell I’m wondering what the flashing white light indicates? The flashing white light indicates that either you have run out of battery or you have lost your Internet connection. If your device is showing a solid white ring it means that your device is properly hardwired and receiving power!

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell for New Owner?

From this, I’m pretty sure you have got a rough idea of why the doorbell is showing white light or ring. If you are wondering whats the exact reason is for your device flashing white light then read the detailed answer below.

Why everybody is Installing Ring Video Doorbell? 

Ring Video Doorbells help people keep their families safe and secure. The world is moving towards smart technologies and security cameras, security alarms, and doorbells keep burglars away from your apartment.

Unlike the normal doorbells, the Ring Video doorbell allows the owners to answer to the person standing in front of their door from anywhere. It is not compulsory to be in your house to attend to people on your front doors. Via its Ring App, you can easily keep a look at who all are visiting your house.

Not only it has a camera but also a microphone as well as a speaker with which you can talk and communicate with the other person. You would instantly get to know whether it’s your family member, friend, delivery guy, or unwanted stranger visiting your home.

It also records video all 24 hours and has the footage of the last two months saved on its Ring Application which is available for android as well as iOS.

Ring Video Doorbell flashing white light

I also had the same question why is my doorbell flashing white light. After doing research I got to know the primary reason why it flashes white light is that either the doorbell has lost Wifi connection or its battery is down.

If your device has a glowing white light and it makes a sound when you press the button. It is because the device is not connected to the internet and it will not record anything. The device will simply stop recording without any notification of the Ring App all because of low or no internet connection.

There can be many reasons why your device is not connecting to the internet. But, first of all, try resetting your WiFi router as it can have some kind of IP issue. If it doesn’t work then don’t worry I will guide you through how to fix it.

Before fixing any problem we first need to know the reason for the problem. The internet issue could be due to the following reasons- Loose wire from the router, Low power, or Power efflux. In some cases, the problem is pretty simple you have changed the wifi password and it may lead to a loss of internet connection.

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell for New Owner

There can multiple reasons why your ring doorbell is blinking white light. In this situation, the best thing to do is to check the Ring app. Make sure that the internet connection is the problem and not any other by checking in the App.

Check if the app says Online or Offline if it shows Online means the internet is not the issue and if it shows offline then sure-shot internet is causing the issue. If it shows online and still it’s blinking then check that your router has all the lights green.

Also, check whether all the wires are properly connected to the router and remove all the wires, and put them again in their places. Now, after checking if the router is properly connected turn off the router as well as the doorbell for a few minutes and power them on again.

Automatically they will connect and most probably function properly. This did the job for me but if it didn’t work in your case then 99% of it is a low battery problem.

I read the article on troubleshooting Ring Doorbell and they say in very cases the device blinks white light due to low voltage or battery. Most often the reason is that the Ring Doorbell doesn’t receive enough power from the transformer.

The ring doorbell needs at least a 16 volts AC power supply to work properly and if you don’t have that it is causing the issue. Sometimes if you supply more than 16 Volts the device doesn’t work properly and blinks white. So, replacing the transformer is the trick that will work for you.

Replacing Transformer Kit

First of all, you need to buy a transformer which is compatible with Ring Doorbell with 16 volts Ac. If you don’t have one you can get it from Amazon from here.

Installing a Ring Doorbell transformer is not that tough but you need to take care as you are dealing with electricity. Even a small mistake here and there can give you a major shock.

So, before starting the installation process make sure to turn of the power supply. Find your transformer in the house and usually it is located behind the doorbell chime or close to the electric box.

Ring Video Doorbell Flashing White Light

Remove all the wires that are joined to the Doorbell transformer and turn off the power supply if you haven’t yet done so. Also, remove the two wires that are connected to the transformer

Replace the old Ring Doorbell transformer with the new one and connect the wires as they were before. If you don’t remember the old connections you can refer to this video which will make your task simpler.

Hurrah! You have successfully replaced your transformer and it’s time to turn the power supply on. After turning on the power supply head straight to the Ring App and check the health status of your device. If the status is GOOD or Very GOOD you have successfully installed the Ring Doorbell Transformer.

Resetting your device

Most probably the main issue for doorbell blinking white light is that either it has lost internet connection or it has a low voltage supply. But, if even after replacing your transformer kit it is not working properly it is very annoying. It can be very frustrating if after trying both the solutions the device is not working properly.

Don’t get downcasted there the last ray of hope is still available. If the above solutions didn’t work for you the last thing which you could try is hard resetting the device.

Sometimes resetting the device does the trick and you should give it a try. There are several versions of the doorbell available in the market if you have the pro version simply press the Set Up button for 30 seconds and your device will automatically hard reset.

If you have the older versions try pressing the orange button for 30 seconds but if it doesn’t work power of the device and try again.

Contact Customer care

If none of the above solutions work for you then the only thing you could do is call the customer care number. You could have potentially received a faulty device or your device may have been damaged completely.

Ring Doorbell Not Charging

In such cases, it is better to contact customer care and they will look into your problem. If your device is damaged then they will send you a brand new version. The customer care number for the United States is 1-800-656-1918 but if you are from another country click here to know the number.

The thing which I like the most about the Ring company is that they have excellent support. They have tutorials on youtube for fixing each and a very small problem and they have an FAQs section on their official websites too. If your device is faulty don’t worry you will receive a brand new device soon.



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