Why is Alexa not responding to my voice commands?

You’re probably reading this because your Alexa is not responding to your commands. Amazon’s Alexa is a device that has become a necessity in every single household. Especially, the feature of voice command has made it steady to use. This particular feature developed the entire market of smart technology.

As Alexa is already in your home, everyone from children to adults enjoys talking and giving commands to it as per their needs. But there is a possibility that you can get some problem with Alexa and resultantly it can stop reacting to the voice instructions.

You might wonder why your Alexa is not responding to my voice commands. So, for that, there can be various reasons for Alexa to not respond to your voice command. However, the most basic issue is either the Alexa privacy is disabled or simply, the microphone switched is off.

Still, there are various other issues and with that, various other ways to solve the issue of not responding to the voice commands.

Now it’s up to you, whether you want to stay annoyed about it or want to fix your Alexa? Well, most probably you would want to fix the issue. Don’t worry, this article is here to help you throughout the issue. So, let’s dig in further and try to understand the ways to fix the problem!

Some Primary Tips Regarding Troubleshooting

The points below are the preventive measures you have to take before you begin fixing the issue. Most of the time, the tips provided below work out the issue and help in fixing it. Here are some of them-

  • It is true that most people including you and me, have a habit of managing a single power adapter with various devices. This is not an issue yet a habit, which you’ve to change. The voltage outputs differ from one adapter to another. So, you should use Alexa with its original adapter and not a different adapter.
  • Once you’ve connected the Alexa with its original adaptor, there’s an Action button over there, press it. Now, try to check the Alexa with voice commands.
  • It might also happen that there is nothing wrong with the Alexa echo dot, but the speaker. It happens sometimes that the Alexa speaker creates a problem. To avoid this, you’ve to ensure that there is at least a distance of 3 feet between Alexa Speakers and Echo Dot.
  • Some people have their devices placed near a wall, so if you’re one of them, I would recommend you to check it. Go, check for the microphone route and wipe it. There’s a possibility that the dirt could have barred the voice track and which is why your voice is not reaching Alexa.
  • While giving out voice commands to Alexa make sure there isn’t any unwanted sound in the environment and you’re clear.
  • Lastly, make sure you keep the Alexa echo dot distant from electronic devices and other appliances like TV, radio, microwave, and other output devices which generate sound.

So, if you’ve worked with any above-mentioned tips, you should try restarting the Echo dot. Most of the time, devices work well after working out with the above tips.  If not, then here are some further solutions you might want to consider.

Does Amazon Echo have an AUX input

Additional Troubleshooting Solutions To Fix The Issue

If your Alexa is not responding to your voice commands even after trying out the above-mentioned tips and restarting the device, then here are some more solutions. The steps written below should be followed one by one to fix the issue.

The solutions provided below works out with every Alexa device which is not responding to your voice commands. So, let’s start with it.

Step 1- Check For The Microphone Button

So basically, this solution is for the time when your Alexa device is working well and fine but is not responding to your voice commands. If you’re facing any such situation then check the microphone on your device, to know whether it is OFF or ON.

You could do this by pressing the button with a mic logo at the top of your Alexa device. After pressing the button, you can check it by asking Alexa anything. For example, Alexa, “what’s the temperature now”.

Most of the time, it works well after this, but if you’re still encountering the same issue, then let’s move forward to the second step. And yes, press the microphone button again before moving to the second step.

Step 2- Try Restarting the Alexa

Before working out with this solution, you should press the volume button up and down, and after that simultaneously press the microphone button twice. However, even after doing this, you don’t get any response, then it is time to move to basic troubleshooting.

  • Check for the LED, whether it is flaring Blue or not. If the blue light is flaring then you know your Alexa is working pretty well apart from responding to the voice commands.
  • The next thing you’ve to do is unplug the device from the wall outlet. Simply, take off the linking power wire. Now, wait for some time, like 30 seconds, and then plug in the Alexa again.
  • Your device will reboot and get connected to the Wi-Fi automatically. It will take some time around 2-3 minutes for rebooting.
  • Now, try checking it up by asking, Alexa, “what’s the temperature today” or “can you tell me a story”. Rest assured, you’ll get a response this time.

This is a primary troubleshooting step, and it always works.

Step 3- Hard Resetting your Alexa Device

It happens that a normal reset won’t work, but don’t worry, in that situation you have to hard reset your Alexa. For hard resetting your device, make sure you follow the steps which are mentioned below-

  • Your device has a reset hole, at the bottom of it, look for that. Now, carefully, use a pointed object such as a paperclip to push the button inside that opening for seconds.
  • Now, you’ll notice the blue light turns into an orange light.
  • You have to patiently wait for some minutes, as it’ll take some time. The Alexa will turn OFF firstly and later turn ON.
  • Now your device has arrived in the primary factory settings.
  • With the Alexa app set up your Alexa with your smartphone.

Most of the time, people have used this solution and it worked well to fix the issue. But there is a possibility, so if your device is still not working and you’re encountering the same issue, then all you’ve got is remote. Go for the Alexa remote and try giving voice commands.

Step 4- Try Out Disabling or Enabling Alexa Privacy

This is your last chance, an ultimate troubleshooting Solution. If you’re solving the issue with this step then you have to do that by enabling the settings of Alexa privacy.

  • Start with getting to the Core screen and press the Alexa button.
  • Clicking the button enables the option of Alexa Now.
  • Press that button and confirm it by your voice.

These steps can help you solve the issue of not responding to the voice commands easily. But there might be still some major issues. For that read further.

Does Amazon Echo have an AUX input

Advanced Guide For Troubleshooting Amazon Echo 

It is a major issue when Amazon Echo doesn’t answer a command. Maybe most of you have not faced this issue, as it appears rarely. But you should know how you can solve the issue. And you can do this, by understanding the reason behind it.

Red Ring

When Alexa is lighting a red light, that indicates that your device is facing some problem following your voice. This as a consequence leads to not responding to the voice commands you give.

The prime reason behind this issue is either there is a problem with the microphone or the Wi-Fi. Besides, to add, you should also check whether you’ve upgraded with Alexa App with the most advanced version or not. It might also cause an issue.

Other Cause of Not Responding To The Voice Commands

Not always, but sometimes your accent could be an issue too. This could result in a condition where your device is not understanding your commands. To solve this, you can directly go for the voice instruction before you begin giving instructions to the Amazon Echo. For that,

  • Open your Alexa App, then go to the settings.
  • You’ll find a voice training/instruction option there, click it.
  • Try out all the phrases present in the list; this will help you Alexa in understanding and getting familiar with your accent.
  • Now, your Alexa will not only recognize your voice but will also respond to your commands.

When The LED Board Or Microphone Is not Working

This problem is a hardware issue and you have to look when your Alexa is not working or responding. You have to look at whether the Amazon Echo is flashing any light or not. If there is no light, then the issue is with the hardware and you have to send your device for some fixing. Check the latest price of Amazon Echo from Amazon!

In this situation, I would recommend you to ask the Alexa Specialist and get your device fixed.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, you fixed your Alexa with the above-mentioned step and it is responding to your voice command, but if not, then you know what you’ve to do it.



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